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TAGS bidet casual friday. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I seriously have an extra spring in my step after using my bidet. This was my recommendation for you some time back when you did a bathroom remodel! I installed a bidet on every toilet in my house after a trip to Japan a few years back.

The U. I was just talking about bidets with my coworker yesterday!!! No shame in our game. She said she would ask him but quickly changed the conversation to bidets and told me to make sure I get one! Sorry: The only thing she wishes is that she had a hot water connection to it but she absolutely loves it. We saw bidets all over Europe back then.

Europeans would laugh that Americans showered so much. The bidet kept the essentials clean in between :. I am cracking up about the bidet dialogue — you have phrased it in such a way I ready to get one too! What are your thoughts on bidet only in the master vs on all toilets? Including a powder room near the entertaining areas.

This matter is a big item of contention in our house! Tried my first bidet in Singapore airport just last week and well the learning here was the eater had to be warm. My poor bottom went into shock from the cold only water for over an hour.

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Currently I own three navy coats sporty raincoat with pin dots, waterproof trench, and down puffer. What can I say? Navy just appeals to me. Growing up, my parents master bath had its own separate bidet next to the toilet. What are your thoughts on a separate bidet va. An in-toilet one?

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Also, unrelated— how do your girls like having their own rooms? We moved at the same time as you and our kids so far have been in the same room… sOON their real rooms should be ready. Not only am I wondering how the transition has gone for your, but I also think one of their bedrooms could make a great playroom if they go back to sharing!

I only have experience with an all in one and I highly recommend it. I just feel like I would use it way less!

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Hi there! Oh my gosh, thank you so much for including us in your casual Friday post! VERY curious to hear your thoughts on the aesthetics of the bidet! After two trips to Japan we finally got one from our home but it is so. And big too! I run cold even in California where we get a few dozen overnight frosts over the course of a winter, and snow maybe every 5 years. We have a Toto Wahlet Carlyle 11 Se heated seat and a dryer with warm air remote control on wall.

My husband broke both arms 4 years ago ladder Christmas lights and it was a must for him. Our contractor installed an outlet and installed toilet no problem. Holy smokes!

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I bought the same green coat during Prime Days! I believe The Buy Guide suggested it. THE coat! It does feel like a growing trend here in the U. Just want to put in a plug for the Toto Washlet. Not sure which model we got, but it was an add on to an existing toilet. Do you need it, no. Is it the most amazing luxury you can add to your bathroom. Rain showers step aside.

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Folks, if you are eye rolling rolling or still skeptical I get it. I took a vacation to Japan over the summer, and there are bidets everywhere—homes, hotels, the bus and train stations. At first, it felt odd. Hale Hale the Gang's All Here:. A Family Cookbook. Email me!

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I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a line at dhmoody gmail. Be sure to put "Blog Visitor" in the subject line. Could be the snow. Nashville was blessed with such a beautiful white Christmas this year, and we've had even more since then. Yeah, I'm one of "those" people - the kind who can't get enough of the white stuff.

Granted, I don't live in Minnesota hi Joy! It's very calming to my soul, if that makes any sense. We'd watch movies, make popcorn, sleep a lot. Like hibernating bears. Could explain all these naps that keep invading my schedule. Or it could be the Kindle my kids bought me for Christmas!

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I still love my traditional books I take turns so they aren't offended , but I feel terribly trendy whenever I whip out my Kindle and start reading. LOVE when my kids surprise me! I'm also back on Weight Watchers. Maybe it's the hunger pangs that are distracting me. Ya think? But hey - I've lost 6. Only a bazillion more to go.

But I've gotta get moving. Even now, I'm resting my jaws for the gabfest! In March, another trip to Ridgecrest in North Carolina for a big church librarians annual event. I'll be helping lead a conference as well as taking part in a big book signing there.

Woo hoo!! Can't wait for that one! It was such an honor and privilege to work on this book with two of my dearest friends. What makes it so unique is not only Deb's point of view from 18 years of counseling others with this horrible disease, but also the rare insights of a husband whose wife endured a double mastectomy. As pathetic as it may seem, many husbands in that situation don't stick around.

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