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This is why I enjoy speaking with other writers, especially writers who are comfortable with their craft. Their love for their work inspires me to explore and stretch and be brave. Other times, I wiped a tear. I could relate to almost every poem she wrote, either as a parent, a teacher, a stranger in Pennsylvania, as a world citizen.

I laughed again as the English teacher struggled with suicide notes, tossing one illegible farewell into the wastebasket after the other, only to get back to work grading papers. Like many people, I am a stranger in a strange land when it comes to poetry, but Marjorie opened the door and welcomed me. Her poetry is accessible, understandable, relatable, and sometimes downright fun to read.

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Author Ray Bradbury says, reading poetry is like flexing a muscle. All writers yearn for that power. Start reading poetry. Find poets whom you enjoy and learn more about what inspires them. Hopefully, it will awaken a song in your heart.

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If it does, capture the ideas as soon as you can, on a piece of paper, or as a voice recording on your mobile phone. Let your poems gestate, like Marjorie does, then work on them, revise them, and then share them. If not, look for her books online at Amazon.

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I want to be free of stress. You need stress to grow. I want world peace. Would you still exist in a peaceful world? I want a loving family. But artificial one? I want to eat the world's most delicious food. But you want to eat cup ramen too. I want to go to amusement park What are you, a girl raised to be a living weapon? This is surely an allusion to something, I just can't get what I want to be on the front page of a newspaper!

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I want an art collection. You don't even like that stuff.

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