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As we ate up the miles Keith had another flat in his rear tyre which was not surprising really with the amount of debris on the road. Then he had another and another. Everytime we took the tyre off and checked it thoroughly but we could not find anything protruding through the tyre. We were now getting very short on inner tubes. First things first we ordered a large bowl of noodle soup. I think it was the only thing on the menu and it was very hot and filling,. Then we started on the repairs. A few of the locals were very intrigued about where we going.

One of the older guys said my son could give you a lift. So we took up the offer of the lift to Lanzhou. We had done over 70 miles in the pouring rain. He would not let Keith anywhere near the car and it was a work of art getting three bikes one on the roof and all the baggage in the car. Then just as we were ready to go he said take off your dirty cycle jackets before you get in, but thankfully he got us to Lanzhou, a very busy bustling city.

Linney searched for a hotel and found an Ibis just down the road. We headed for that but found another one on the way and managed to book in first time. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. We took the bags up and then went out to locate the cycle shops. We had one a mile in one direction or two more a mile and a half in the other.

We chose the latter. We marched towards the area but could not find the cycle shops but finally after using google translate we found the shop just closing up. The really nice guy stayed open for us and we ended up buying two replacement tyres and six inner tubes and he chucked in a puncture repair kit and two bottles of lubricating oil. Then we had a photo-shoot with him, before finding a place to eat. Linney finally marched the two old soldiers home through the winding backstreets of Lanzhou.

We woke up early to give the bikes a good wash and a bit of an oil up. Keith replaced his rear tyre and I replaced the spare I had carried for over miles. With the bikes all relatively clean and oiled up we went for breakfast. It was a really good spread, best we have had since Kascher [ probably Kashgar about a month ago: Ed ]. With the weather still overcast but not raining we hit the road just after With Linney guiding us out of Lanzhou our first plan was to ride the express-way. Avoiding a few closed roads along the way we managed to find the slip road up to the express-way the plan being to ride through and ignore all the toll operators.

All in formation we went for it, there was a bit of shouting but nothing serious so we just rode on, joining the express way and the climb out of the city. Easy nothing could go wrong. We stayed on the express-way for about ten miles before the patrol car stopped us. It was not the police and we had a little arm waving discussion with the guy.

In the end we were both happy, he got us off the expressway and we got out of the city far quicker. Even though we were out of the city it was still built up with small towns virtually joining onto each other. It was like this for at least 30 miles out of the city. The towns were then gradually replaced with green fields filled with market garden produce and with stalls and vehicles selling the vegetables. It looked like lemon-grass or salsify. As we started climbing you could see the fields in terraces up the mountain just as I imagined China to be.

It did look spectacular. One massive climb and two hours later we finally stop for lunch in a small cafe. With around 10 miles to go after lunch it was just a gentle roll into Dingxi. With our hotel strategy in place we breezed into the first hotel we tried. All in all a good day in the saddle. It was not a bad breakfast; at least we had some hot stir-fried vegetables and the egg police were not around. We started to ride just after It was quite cold and overcast with spots of rain but luckily the rain did not materialise. As soon as we left the hotel we started to climb and we had this for almost all day.

We were climbing up the terraced mountains with great views. It was not too steep so we could all admire the views and enjoy the ride. We stopped for lunch in the small village of Dijasuo. The girls in the only cafe gave us a menu but when we tried to order just said the only thing available was the meat and noodle soup and soft bread.

It seems to get me up the hills ok. We concentrate on overtaking the laboring trucks on the ascent and then keeping out of the way on the descents. As we started one of the descents we came across a museum or monument built in the traditional Chinese style in the small town of Gaobu. It was nicely laid out and kept immaculate but when we came out everyone wanted to have their picture taken with us; the adults making their children stand with us. All very bizarre and it must have taken us at least half an hour to leave the place.

When we finally left we hit an area of apple and pear orchards and were cycling through small villages with their fruit for sale outside their house. We stopped at one and asked for three asian pears not sure what they are called, but they are very nice the girl thought we meant three kg, when we said no only three, she just gave them to us! A good guy and a nice touch. It was another good day in the saddle. This week: miles, 11, f t climbing and 41 hours riding.

A short ride was planned for today with a quick 40 miles to the City of Mangnai. We had breakfast in the cafe adjacent to the hotel the same family run the place good job as we had not paid for one of the dishes we had last night. It was all taken in good spirits.

worker happiness | performance~marks

We packed the bikes up ready to go; it was good not having to pack all the extra water and we had finally finished the cream soda. Our bikes felt pretty light and we were on the road for about No-one was rushing this morning. With the road predominately downhill the ride was a bit of a breeze really, athough there was quite a few trucks on the road with very little room to manoeuvre out of the way.

We followed a new railway line most of the way and passed a few oil wells; this area is definitely being developed. As we approached Mangai we went through a police check but it was nothing like the previous state. But they still made us wait there for 10 mins.

Soon we are on our way again. Either we have been had by the Chinese girl who set our phones up for September or we need to activate a message we have all been sent; probably the latter. Mangai is just a concreate mass of building; all new set up in a grid without much character. We managed to find a hotel that takes tourists after the third attempt. The plan was to have a shower, do some washing then go and have a look for some spare inner tubes and possible a tyre.

Then sort are next routes out. We may have a little plan,that entails a few more miles but has more going on between the villages, towns etc. With no breakfast in the hotel we had breakfast in the room, packed up and carried the bags down to the hotel foyer where the bikes were stored.

It had been on his bike since early May when we first got the touring bikes. Keith was inconsolable and Linney tried to comfort him but got the cold shoulder. We gave the hotel manager both barrels. I thought he looked a little confused with the phone translation.

Anyway the bears are gone. Long live the bear! I have no doubt the British Consultant has been informed. I just hope that the incident does not get blown out of all proportion and causes a diplomatic incident and stop all the Sino-British trade deals. As we set up camp last night the wind got really strong.

And it was in the the wrong direction. We all looked at each other over our steaming coffees and cakes we could not take another pot noodle with apprehension. Nothing can can wrong; surely it will all die down in the morning. We woke up to a beautiful sunrise coming over the desert, though it was quite cold, but the good news, virtually no wind!

We had breakfast cereal and coffee — we ate all the cakes last night. We set off around and with the roads having less and less traffic on it was good riding. We could go three abreast down good roads with a slight tail wind. However we knew we had a long road ahead with virtually no signs of anywhere to get supplies. At a really good pace we came across a tourist information office; toilets, map of the area, but sadly no supplies. A kind tourist gave us three cans of red bull! Off we went again. When we came to a workers compound they waved us in though the foreman seemed a bit grumpy.

We managed to get some hot water from them for our pot noodles and coffee. One of the workers took a shine to Linney and kept having his photo taken with him. The roads were still really good with next to no traffic and with us making good progress after about 70 miles Linney spots a garage from about 5 miles away.

That was the good news; the only thing on the shelf was one soft drink, eight bottles of water and half a dozen pot noddles! So we had three pot noodles again, all the water and the soft drink and sat outside in the shade and enjoyed our pot noodles and coffee again.

As we had done nearly 70 miles already we rode off pretty relaxed. Before we knew it we came across another tourist sign! The first to mention Shanghai: miles away km on the sign. This gave us a bit of a boost. Linney checked his maps and said there was a small hamlet about 18 miles away. It would make a total of about miles for the day,. So on we pressed, finally came to the lake. It did have flocks of birds on it but it looked really salty, with the road running between two lakes, which join up in the winter, the road was pretty rough in places, but not too bad.

As we approached the hamlet which was dominated by a lithium battery factory. Happy days with miles in the bag all done on two pot noodles and a bowl of cereal , it was great o have a meal and a few cold beers. They needed to move some meat out of the freezer for the beers! School boy error again. We dug out some Sterling, Euros and Dollars and then went to see the guy again.

He preferred the Euros so we changed 70 Euros and that will have to last until we reach the next bank ATM about miles away with two nights camping. Hence we did not get going until just after 9. We had only gone 20 miles down the road when Keith had a blow out in his front tyre. The tyre came straight off the rim he did put some air in the tyre before we left, possibly to much. He changed the inner tube and set off again.

Linney then said his bike was not balance correctly as we were all carrying at least 8 Litres of water as well as extra food. He stopped and re-balanced his bags; it was just one of those days we could not seem to get going. However we soon got going riding three abreast on quiet roads. With the lake on one side and the dunes on the other it was very pleasant. Then we came across some sort of resort. It was down a private road and we were in two minds whether to go down there or not.

We decided on the latter. There was a little hamlet showing on the map at about 45 miles so we rode on to there. Maybe we could get a meal or hot water for the pot noodles. It was better than thatas the place had a shop and a restaurant. It seemed like a posh workers complex for the new factory.

So had another big fill; so much better than the pot noodles and had time for a good rest. We had plenty of time, so just rolled on through the desert. The car drivers are getting a lot more courteous; waving , beeping their horns, and generally being very nice, even stopping for photo shoots and giving us bottles of water, cans of red bull ice cold and ice cold coffee. All received with thanks. We pushed on with a plan to make around 70 odd miles to day and with the same planned for the next day and then a relatively easy day to the town.

With nothing around we just kept going, Keith out in front, with Linney taking pictures of the dead straight road, just rising up and up until Keith pulled over with a flat rear tyre. That made our minds up; fix the flat and then find a suitable camping spot off the road. Our first place was not good so we moved and then found a nice sandy spot in a hollow.

I am undecided on whether to sleep under the stars and will wait till the sun goes down and see how cold it is. I decided to sleep under the stars again and found a really nice spot in the sand. I had a good nights sleep though it was very cold in the morning. Keith had a bit of a bad start to the day as I noticed his back tyre was flat. Then while taking off his rear pannier he snapped the clip. With good inner tubes in short supply I mended two while Keith sorted out the pannier clip and with the gas running out on the camping stove we changed fuel to mentholated spirits.

Not a good start to the day. Still, we were on the road for The road started with a gentle climb, then got steeper as the day went on. What we did not account for was the head wind. It was very strong making the climbing difficult to say the least. With nothing on the road, except for a possible place at a junction with another road just before a big salt lake at around 45 miles. We planned to stop for lunch there. We just rode on passing a few Chinese tourist waving at us and taking weird pictures; laying on the road jumping around all a bit strange. Just before the planned lunch stop my back pannier snapped causing both bags to fall behind the bike, acting as a brake.

Luckily I had just levelled out after a short decent and managed to keep the bike upright. The stays holding the pannier bracket to the bike frame behind the seat post had failed. I fixed two jubilee clips around the bracket and onto the pannier frame and it was all sorted. Keith rode back down the hill and said why stop at the bottom but then realised it was a mechanical. It was only a few miles to the intended lunch stop but unfortunately there was nothing at the junction except a workers compound. We tried our luck again and with a wave they invited us in past two barking dogs and into their canteen room.

We were offerred not only pot noodles but left over rice and a cucumber chilli thing. It was the best pot noodle ever — even better than the baked bean version and with a cup of coffee to go with it was an excellent lunch, matched only by their hospitality. We filled our water bottles up and set off again. With the head-wind easing off slightly we made pretty decent time.

As we came across another intersection Linney got excited as he could see a garage up ahead; about 8 miles away — all up! We finally managed to reach the service station though we did not hold out much luck. But this one was ok and we had coffee, cold drinks and rested up. Do we bear off this road onto a minor road or stay on the toll road.

As we had already done 70 odd miles we decided to stay on the toll road and look for a suitable place to camp. It was pleasant riding up through the grass mountains and we even spotted some wildlife; wild goats, hares and birds of prey. Eventually we settled for a camping spot though it took a bit of manoeuvering to get the bikes around the fencing and away from the road. As we went to bed last night it threatened to rain so we checked all the bags and made sure everything was water-tight.

We had a few drops before we got into the tent but luckily nothing in the night. We woke to a dull cold morning but no rain. We breakfasted with a quick bowl of porridge and coffee and then were on the bikes for 8 knowing the first 8 miles was uphill. Then it was a nice descent into a small town for lunch, then another 30 odd miles of steady climbing, ending the day in a hotel. Nothing could go wrong. The first climb was fine and with fresh legs we soon hit the summit.

Then we had the nice feeling of a 30 mile descent. It was really good. Linney did get a puncture about 7 miles away from the lunch stop but it was all sorted no problem. We rolled into a tourist stop. First some Taiwan ladies stopped us as we ordered lunch. We had a quick photo shoot with them. After lunch it all got a bit chaotic as a bus load of tourist from Shanghai turned up. It was one picture after another, though we did manage to get a contact number for an English speaking guy in Shanghai.

Finally we managed to prise ourselves away from the tourist and get going again. With around 34 miles to Delingha and plenty of time we just rode easy, taking in the different scenery. Eventually we turned off the road up to Delingha through a tree lined avenue flanked by industrial plants and new housing development. It all looked really new and a bit strange but very nice. Then we tried a few more — all were the same.

We had something to eat, then tried one more place. We seemed to be getting somewhere; the receptionist took our passports and then said she would need to phone the police to check. When the Policeman came he just said no tourists allowed in this area. We will need to move on,. He just wanted us out of the City. All a bit strange, I think they where processing uranium there or something similar.

Well that just meant another nights camping. Happy days. We followed the river out of the city looking for a suitable camping spot. Keith found a great spot in the woods by the river until the irrigation system started and soaked him, we did not camp there.

Vince Staples - Lift Me Up (Smile, You're On Camera Tour, Atlanta, GA)

We ended up camping on a building plot out of the city. It looked like they were building another reprocessing plant but luckily enough it was deserted when we turned up. We were very tired and a little frustrated but nothing that a packet of monkey nuts and a jar of coffee can fix. We were not expecting to camp last night and it was no joy to wake up on the building plot we finally found last night. Though to be honest we all had a good nights sleep. Be it in a tent not a hotel room. We only had a make-shift breakfast; tinned porridge more like bean soup coffee, snickers bar and some cakes.

We were on the road just before with another day of climbing into the head-wind. We soon got into the rhythm and just rode the steady climb knowing we did not have a place to eat until around the 50 mile mark though we had snacks with us and plenty of water. The vegetation is changing and we are seeing more established trees now. The grass is getting greener and their are signs of wildlife, making the scenery so much better.

Linney did see a camel today but the poor thing had been injured on the road. Keith pulled over to set up his solar charger and Linney and I pulled in behind him. The next thing a Chinese tourist car pulled over for the normal photo shoot but with the added bonus of giving us water, bread and apples, which were all gratefully received. Linney broke out our jar of jam think we have had it since Russia though it was really nice on the bread. They left with a wave and a smile. Then two Chinese cyclists turned up; one on a road bike with wide tyres, the other on a Cannodale Leftie.

We had the photo-shoot with them with a few high fives and that, and after that we all set off together, they pulled a little ahead, but did not get away. I think they were surprised we kept up with them. Eventually they pulled over after about 4 miles up hill to pick some wild berries. We waved and carried on. A few miles further on we got stopped by the highway maintenance team. I think they were saying we should have hi-vis on, but we just smiled and kept saying no Chinese.

With google translate I said we would buy some at the next town and that seemed to appease them, so they let us on our way. By this time the road was quite stunning as it cut through the mountains with the railway following the same path. We stopped for a few pictures when the road crossed the rail line. Still going uphill we pushed on to the little town of Keke, with the promise of a restaurant or cafe.

Linney was riding up and down the street in hope. Keith went into a building that looked a bit like a hotel. As he came out, I was speaking to a guy from there and he said we could eat inside. I think it was another Asylum or something similar another theme going on here , but least we eat; ba ig bowl of egg rice each and bowl of soup. Athough the place was a bit creepy, we said our thanks and got out before they could keep us longer.

We then had an ice cream and soft drink down the road. As we were only 14 miles from Ulan, with the great possibility of a hotel we all got a bit excited and pushed on with a stomach full of food. As we got closer to the town we rode through an avenue of trees with the mountains in the background and the smell of honeysuckle; it was very reminiscent of riding in France.

With Linney map reading to the first hotel we came to a hotel. It looked a bit posh but with six days camping in the last week … lets live it up! If they let us in! Linney went in first followed by Keith. I was tasked with looking after the bikes, or I looked so scruffy they needed to keep me away. Good news — Keith came out and asked for my passport always a good sign. We are in; result! It felt so so good having a shave and a shower and we felt brand new again. It has been a tough week with long climbs, head-winds and camping most of the time.

But we all pulled through. We were greated by nurses and family and it was a great ride by all. This week miles, 11, f t climbing and 40 hours riding. Desert scene Peace at a family restaurant After a great meal last night and lashings of ice cold beer we all had a good nights sleep, well I did. We broke camp early as the mosquitoes were still rampant, though for some reason I did not notice them last night. We knew we had a small town in 20 or so miles so breakfast was not an issue.

We came to the small town very quickly and found a place that had just opened, with the owner very pleased to welcome us in, some friendly local also joined in and made sure we did not order too much. Once again really good local food. We have all been very impressed with the food so far in China. As we were eating the police made their appearance on an electric scooter. They took our passports and said they would be back in a few minutes, which they duly did.

What they did not say was that they would be following us all day! As we set off we had a few road works to navigate just like Ukraine , it was only for a few hundred meters so no big problem. Then the police stopped us again, needing clarification on where we were going. We said the same again and carried on, though once we were on the open road it was fairly obvious that we had a tail. Keith reckons the number plates finished with This is non-confirmed as I can barely see the car never mind the number plate.

We just rode on knowing that we had at least another 50 miles to the next stop. As we rode on every summit or corner we hoped for a little oasis, but to no avail. We came across a brick building, but unfortunately uit was not a cafe, though they did let us in.

We filled up our bottles from a tank not very good so wekept them for emergencies. Then because we are happy souls some locals on a picnic stop in the desert offered us some melons, apples and water we ditched the other water! We had a great 10 minutes with them, with the normal photo shoot. Once we started up again the tail soon found us. We came to a small police check but they just let us through but did not fill our water bottles up,.

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So we pushed on looking for a place to camp. We pulled over at a workers camp and watched our tail go back and forth, but did not engage with us. Eventually we could not wait any longer so we put the tents up to see what happened. We crossed the road found a site and did just that. Keith went in the tent, Linney and I had a snooze on the sand, dreaming of Barbados and the tail just watched us. When we came around it was pot noodle time definitely not Barbados.

With our water supply not good I decided to go over to the workers compound and fill up our 5 litre water container for cooking.. It was a bit surreal; the women shouting at me and the tail looking on. She then took the bottle and filled it up for us and smiled as she gave it back to me, with my normal charm I bowed and said chee chee thank you in Chinese. All good. We had our pot noodles, coffee and biscuits and then went to bed, although it was a bit disconcerting when the night shift turned up as we thought we may be moved on; but all was good.

In the morning we packed up smartly and all agreed the best time on the road is early morning, when the wind is lighter and a lot cooler. We rode the first 24 miles before stopping for breakfast, our tail was also there. With another town in eight miles and another one in 24 miles we did not have a problem today. Although we completely missed the first town we made sure we hit the next for our two night grocery shop. The bikes were fully laden then. I said I could not carry anymore, then Linney found a freezer with ice cold beers and I manged to fit a few in.

Keith had 17L of fluid on board! On we went went to find a place to camp. We ended up in a construction site, we found some shade under a partially built bridge for the new road. We all went into camp mode with Keith putting up his tent, Linney checking the WIFI, and me having a beer and finding out we had won the cricket after being all out for 67 in the 1st innings; good day. Route Day 75 — August 27th Shall we camp here? Desert road You call this shade? Tree — photo time! Dale — different hat, same ride Lonely road We did get up a bit earlier, but not enough to make a huge difference.

We left the construction site just after 8am after a coffee and biscuit breakfast. With the sun just breaking through and the wind very light it made for great conditions. Linney had a flat from another piece of wire in his tyre. I must be tired. We were soon back on the road.

We then stopped for a picture in the shade of an Acacia tree had a bit of a snack and a drink of cream soda forgot to mention yesterday; we brought 12L of cream soda yesterday thinking it water. With the wind getting up it was getting tougher and tougher but it was just a matter of getting through it.

With sand blowing in our faces and the head-wind getting stronger it was good to find a little place open serving cold drinks and food. After a good fill and plenty of fluids we knew we could achieve the next 30 miles. Around about the half way mark Linney stopped at the top a hill, adjacent to the only property in miles, obviously with his rugged good looks they invited him in, but he was not so keen when the ugly brothers turned up!

With the normal photo shoots and handshakes we ended up up having another meal with them; another big plate of egg fried rice and noodles, followed by melon. They wished us luck as they waved us goodbye. Once back on the road Linneys gears played up; one of the guys had had a little ride on his bike!

We played around with them a little and they soon sorted themselves out; good news. Then we hit a police check. They are getting quicker and we just sat and waited and were back on the road after 20 mins. Just as we got going the other side of the police check, we met two English girls on touring bikes. The were Georgia and Christina from Yorkshire and Essex respectively; great girls and true adventurers.

It was really good swapping stories and giving advice. After a couple of pics and all the social media swaps, we wished each other all the best on our travels. It brought a smile to all our faces to chat with them and it was great to meet them,. After that it was just a matter of finding a place to camp again, after we had got some more water water not cream soda. We pulled off the road to find a place up a track, relaxed a little had a pot noodle with a can of baked beans, and a cup of coffee, then set up camp. We did notice a few people watching us, but hey ho.

Sure enough as soon as we had tried to get our heads down the police turned up. Keith was out in his underpants enough to scare most people off and soon had it all sorted. They just wanted to know when we were moving on. After getting over the police and farmer invasion last night we all had agood nights sleep We packed up camp with me even making a cup of coffee; I do not have a tent to pack only the poles and pegs. Off we set and with a town in the next 12miles we knew we could get some nice breakfast.

We had a plate full of freshly cooked rice and eggs with tea, what more could anyone want? With less than 50 mile to go we all relaxed a bit although we smashed the first 30 miles. I think we all just wanted a shower and clean up. Then the wind hit us again and we just needed to buckle down and ride it out. Not "great" sales people, "good" sales people! It is the single biggest issue organizations have today. So why is this? I have studied sales teams for a long time. Here is what I have found to be consistent with sales teams.

If you have a team of 5 sales people, you will have one top performer, two contributors, one unsure of what they want, and one that you probably need to move out of your organization. This means that you need to be really clear on who you are interviewing and who you are looking for and who you hire. Top performing sales people have jobs and are gainfully employed. If you are interviewing someone who has not held a job down for more than two years - they are not a good sales person.

If you are interviewing someone who feels like they are leaving a sales role for no particularly good reason and can't articulate their success or talk about client experiences in detail - they are not a good sales person. If you just reach out to LinkedIn and job boards your interviews will all be frustrating and a waste of time.

You need to be laser focused on who you want to hire. What is the profile of your ideal sales person. You need to spend time on this and make sure you understand the profile of your perfect rep and the profile and personality of your organization. Once you know who you want and you get them hired - how will you make their first 90 days memorable - and memorable in a way that they want to work for you and stay!!

By Irvin S. Cobb

Good sales people typically just don't show up on your doorstep looking for a job. If you don't someone else will. So how do I find good sales people? It is hard work and focused work. Always be looking for your next good sales person. Because if you don't - the work dealing with poor sales people will make you wish you had. Toggle navigation. What drives you to "Success" each day What is the reason for this call?

Return on your Investment Gratitude The relationships you have Lead by Example. Pages Home. The Rule of Five I have studied sales teams for a long time. This would have allowed the firmto shed 16bn euros of risk-weighted assets and hit itsself-imposed target of slashing bn euros in RWAs by the endof March this year to boost its Core Tier 1 capital ratio.

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What is noticeably rough around the edges is the travel with your ability to leap and run. When you can run faster than a car, why drive? And it just seems like there are always small hurdles in your way, ledges or small walls that break up the freedom that you should be experiencing. Emanuel 23 October, What do you study? Brady 23 October, Have you got a current driving licence? Li Chuncheng, a deputy party secretary ofSichuan province, was put under investigation in December, theofficial Xinhua News Agency reported at the time.

Grover 23 October, Do you know the address? It was his attitude. Carol 23 October, What company are you calling from? Patrick 23 October, Where are you calling from? He said the price it offered to carry out the contract was unrealistically low. Jason 23 October, Can I call you back? Genoino could also see his sentence reduced. The MIT report notes that these orbits are highly unstable, and that the asteroids have to be constantly pushed around to keep them within the orbit.

Quintin 23 October, Can I call you back? One closed, and three were sold into private hands. Unemployment has risen from Mario 23 October, How much notice do you have to give? But the evidence of his darker, dafter side seems compelling. On one occasion, he reportedly took off from the Isle of Wight festival in a helicopter, while his bandmates took the bus. He is breathing on his own now at Jersey City Medical Center, a spokesman said. Heavy rain pounded coastal villages in neighboring Andhra Pradesh. While two mutational processesunderlie the development of ovarian cancer, there are six behindthe development of liver cancer, the researchers said.

  • Deaths Door.
  • Myth and Philosophy in Platos Phaedrus!
  • The Straits Times, 23 October 2003.
  • Charity Update.
  • Who Told You That! And Why Did You Believe It?.
  • Planning in Health Promotion Work: An Empowerment Model (Routledge Studies in Public Health).

Lightsoul 23 October, Could you ask him to call me? It could also be a by-product of better blood pressure control, or even a result of improved blood flow to the brain. The IPOcould happen during the first quarter of , he added. Alonzo 23 October, Have you got any?

Then, after four years of that, finally something clicked. Frank 23 October, Will I be paid weekly or monthly? Jermaine 23 October, Would you like to leave a message? He also served once in Kuwait and two tours in Afghanistan with the Nevada National Guard and was well-known in the school community. The entire landscape is a sneakily deer-coloured patchwork of tall grass, burns, shadows, scree, and tree-cover that stretches to the horizon. It is time they started taking responsibility for improving the lives of their citizens.

It is also time donors including the UK showed leadership and moved from perpetual humanitarian assistance to a development plan which matches the scale of the challenge. The UK occupies a pivotal position and should work with neighbouring countries and the international community to deliver long overdue change. The people of Eastern DRC deserve better.

Vida 24 October, Who do you work for? Assad blamed rebels battlingto overthrow him, saying it made no sense for his forces to usechemical weapons when they were gaining the upper hand and whileU. Is this someone who will put the needs of New York City above his own outsized ego? Aside from the baseball business, the organization has dipped its toes in other areas such as soccer and college football, but the primary asset remains the most famous team in all of sports. Only a power-sharing unity government stopped the bloodshed. The more heat a process tends to generate, the less efficient it is.

Take the old incandescent light bulb. Something like 90 percent of the electrical energy put into is wasted as heat, 10 percent is converted to light. Version 2. Arden 24 October, How much is a First Class stamp? Full disclosure: Francona is a friend of mine. Tepco shares have fallen 71 percent since the disaster. The stunt follows similar exploits in which the boy attempted to do push-ups in the snow, sail alone in the open ocean and climb Mont Fuji. Tyrell 24 October, Do you play any instruments? Dillon Gee threw 7. Hawkins got out of a crazy, two-error ninth inning and Black picked up his first major-league win.

Duane 24 October, Could I borrow your phone, please? Law enforcement officials must now determine whether the ashes came from the missing paintings in question. Sophia 24 October, Could you ask him to call me? My dad is such an old fashioned guy. Traveling for him is entirely about providing for his family, suffering through all these plane trips, and the weariness of travel, for us.

It also carries the death penalty, but in the charges the US gov has stipulated it is not going for the death penalty in this case. Darin 24 October, Where are you calling from? Most economists are eyeing a September start but marketshave scaled back views of any aggressive changes. Mason 24 October, How much is a First Class stamp? It plans to set up an international laboratory andaccreditation centre by the first quarter of , aiming togain 10 percent of the global market in the next three years.

Tyrone 24 October, Will I have to work shifts? Jarod 15 November, Whereabouts in are you from? Take out a fixed rate if you are uncomfortable about the chance of interest rates rising, although you will pay a premium. That means those who haveabstained from voting - who by some estimates constitute about27 percent of the block - can determine the outcome. Elias 22 November, Yes, I love it!

First-time offenders who challenge suspensions can continue to play until their appeals are decided. Horacio 30 November, Could I make an appointment to see? A Russian photographer told me that after the Soviet era, people tended to be wary and suspicious of being photographed. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the term unless you authorize cancellation. You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. Walker 30 November, Have you got a current driving licence? What the heckitty-heck is a mash-up pack?

Think of them as game-themed makeovers for your Minecraft. Both have said they aim forat least 1 million 4G customers by the end of the year. Bouygueshas not given a customer target. Aubrey 30 November, Are you a student? It is up to the government-run State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to determine which 34 films make it to Chinese screens, and Hollywood is competing against the rest of the world. The US has typically gone back and forth; we most definitely have not been consistently conservative from many standpoints.

The only argument you may have is if you compare us to European countries; liberalism here looks conservative in the eyes of most European countries most of which are quickly beginning to outpace the United States in many facets. Moshe 30 November, What do you like doing in your spare time? Jordan 30 November, Do you know the number for? Rashad 30 November, Have you got a telephone directory? Vincenzo 30 November, When do you want me to start? Only blogging platform Tumblr, gaming infrastructure creator PlayerScale and video app Qwiki have survived.

By , it will also be linked to Macau in the east and Hong Kong to the north by a bridge. Rail services will also be extended to Hengqin. The region suffers a severely increased level of birth defects and cancer. And yet, the international response was muted, to say the least. Norbert 30 November, Could you send me an application form? Edwin 30 November, Could you ask her to call me? Howard 30 November, What do you study? Maya 30 November, Where are you calling from? Roland 30 November, Do you know the address? Santo 30 November, Where are you from?

Of course, eliminating birth control for large numbers of women will actually increase abortions. Bryant 30 November, Could you ask him to call me? Arron 30 November, Could you please repeat that? That opportunity is what enticed year-old star midfielder Marcos Senna to join the club. Perry 30 November, Where do you live? Jackie 30 November, How much were you paid in your last job?

Buford 30 November, Could I borrow your phone, please? Kendall 30 November, Do you need a work permit? Shares were down another 3. Repeated conflict with North Sudan, corruption scandals and economic difficulties have plagued the new country over the past year. Further problems caused by the shutdown of its oil production have led to a sharp decline in its currency and a rise in the price of food and fuel. Edwardo 30 November, What do you study? Since Malone, 72, jumped backinto the U. This affected development of the brain, specifically undermining maturation and the ability to regulate certain types of behaviour.

The team released Hernandez after he was arrested for allegedly orchestrating the death of Odin Lloyd. We are waiting to see what rolls out today. Many investors were disenchanted: Stocksof gold miners typically attract higher multiples than those ofbase metal miners, and Barrick has for years marketed itself asthe ideal vehicle for gold bugs. Duncan 30 November, Will I have to work shifts? The time is right. The automated desk has a touch screen on its surface that lets you select a sitting position or a standing position simply by tapping it twice.

The button on the front of the desk allows you to put it in active mode, to learn your movements; the Stir learns when to ask you to transition between standing or sitting position, by moving an inch or so higher and back. You answer by tapping the screen to either get it in gear or ignore the suggestion. Steven 30 November, Can you put it on the scales, please? Ronny 30 November, What sort of work do you do? I find them so shallow. Anthony 30 November, Do you like it here? Ovation, a cable network available in about 50 million U. Jose 30 November, What do you do?

Romeo 30 November, How much will it cost to send this letter to? It was really eerie. It was the first time I could ever remember running around the bases and hearing my spikes crunching as they hit the ground. Former Husker Rex Burkhead might just be his biggest. He will expand his work in the field of conservation, particularly in respect of endangered species. The Duke will continue to work with his charities on issues relating to children and young people, veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces.

Hilario 30 November, Is there? Chartists said the move below its day moving averageof Edmond 30 November, How much is a Second Class stamp? Lynwood 30 November, How much is a Second Class stamp? The public health advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest does not recommend the use of aspartame, a sweetener found in many diet drinks including Diet Coke. Getjoy 30 November, Can you put it on the scales, please? Clearly, with multiple models of colorful plastic 5C iPhones, Apple expected this model to outsell the 5S, not the reverse.

The question remains: Will the ratio curve in the graph above continue to trend down? The former high school athlete found the competition and its over-the-top atmosphere reminiscent of professional wrestling. Houston 30 November, Which year are you in? Lenz remainsfired, the company said. Ernesto 30 November, What part of do you come from? Did US consumer know about the shutdown 3 month ahead? How would a protracted shutdown help improve income and inflation?

Such offers sound tempting, but smart shoppers should consider taking the application home and scrutinizing the terms and conditions before deciding whether to apply for the credit card. On Sept. Braun, owned by the family of Chairman Ludwig Georg Braun, competes with Fresenius in hospital equipment, such as intravenous and tube feeding supplies.

It was concerned it would lose Rhoen as a major client should Fresenius take it over, sources have said. Sean Whitcomb. For China, this will act as another brake on already slowing growth. For the rest of the world, it means less demand, especially for the kinds of raw materials and energy which go into real estate development and infrastructure.

Alexis 30 November, Is this a temporary or permanent position? They made their feelings very clear on Friday, booing his every move. Eldon 30 November, Do you know the number for? I hired my skis in the resort where it was absolutely boiling hot so I had to wander up in my full ski kit, sweating like anything, then drive up a massive hill to go skiing. Eric 30 November, Do you know the number for?

Financial markets in South Korea were closed onThursday due to a public holiday. August 30 November, Could you tell me the number for?

Books by Ron Kaufman

Julia 30 November, What qualifications have you got? Many of the original residents were moved out to make way for the construction workers, and most have not been allowed back. Instead, most of the new dwellings have been sold to private buyers. A controversial redevelopment, Park Hill nevertheless shows the potential that exists in buildings which have been otherwise been largely written off.

Efren 30 November, Which university are you at? Claire Moutou, another exoplanet specialist at the Laboratory of Astrophysicsof Marseille in France, agreed. The interpretation of the origin of this water content is more speculative. Kids of all backgrounds will learn the conversational version of the language, which is widely spoken in Israel and nowhere else. Terence 30 November, Could you send me an application form? Wally 30 November, How much is a Second Class stamp? He likened the snags on the online exchange to the bugs that commonly plague the rollout of other technology-dependent products.

Mitchel 30 November, When can you start? Jamie 30 November, How do I get an outside line? Octavio 30 November, What do you like doing in your spare time? Steel,which told the U. Twelve former band members have been charged with manslaughter, and the family is suing the university for wrongful death. The tax, similar to general sales tax and value addedtax in other countries, is due to rise to 8 percent in April and then 10 percent in Lemuel 30 November, Where do you come from?

Mya 30 November, Could I make an appointment to see? Debt of short-duration will hold up better than longer-dated. With their shorter maturities, these funds can to shake off the effects of rising rates and move on as the funds turn over their holdings. Freelife 30 November, Could I have , please? The SSA says it will use database and software tools to improve performance in both areas.

However, the GAO found that the agency regularly talks about instituting better oversight procedures but has no mechanism in place to actually tell if such procedures are effective. Marshall 30 November, What sort of music do you listen to? Clarence 30 November, What sort of music do you listen to? Shannon 30 November, Could you tell me the dialing code for? The remainder is held by GDF Suez. Individuals whoviolate the law could be fined 5, rubles and non-Russian maybe jailed for 15 days and deported. Melanie 30 November, Could I borrow your phone, please? Gerardo 30 November, Another service?

In the second there is one normal mouse and one mutant mouse. While the pair of normal mice engage with each other, the altered mouse is not interested in the other mouse in its tray. Alfred 30 November, How do you do? Deb says something that could be construed as a loving goodbye in light of what happens shortly thereafter. Deb tells Dex they need to talk.

Dex is overjoyed that Deb is willing to speak with him again. Deb suggests they go for a drive. Dex says that he was told a few years back that Harry overdosed intentionally on his heart medication. She then grabs the steering wheel and sends the car plunging off an embankment into a lake.

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Some have gone so far as to blame RR for the unemployment of millions, asserting that they provided crucial intellectual ammunition for austerity policies. Others believe that even after re-analysis the data support the view that deficit and debt burden reduction is important in most of the industrialized world. Still others regard the controversy as calling into question the usefulness of statistical research on economic policy questions. Lucius 30 November, Could you tell me the dialing code for? He saved par again on the next, a tough par three, courtesy of a fine chip.

The guy is trying to play the best he can. He knows his team and he knows his responsibility. He was incredibly competitive anda great athlete, always running the stairs to get to the bestlocations. At the time, we had been given some stock asChristmas presents: He owned some General Motors, I owneda few shares of the auto-parts supplier BorgWarner.

Weused to sit in the stands together as we waited for the fans tocome in, talking about the stock market. But we know that these conscientious preventive measures work. Aurelio 30 November, When do you want me to start? Without spending a single cent, Draghi conjured up a fall in borrowing costs and a rise in stock markets. The killer question now is: how long can the magician keep the trick going? Or, as Toto did in the movie with Judy Garland, will the curtain be pulled back to reveal nothing more than bluster behind a screen of smoke and noise?

The pre-interview trailer described the Police, on account of their box-office-trumping world tour, as the most polluting rock band on the planet. Samuel 30 November, Could I have an application form? El Feel has a capacity of around , bpd. Miles 30 November, What qualifications have you got? Alexandra 30 November, Could I have , please? And after we researched, we only watch one NBC prime time program. I really believe TMJ will be the looser on this issue. There are going to be reporters. Fredric 30 November, What company are you calling from?

Augustus 30 November, Have you seen any good films recently? Carlton 30 November, Would you like to leave a message? Mohammad 30 November, How many would you like? Cristopher 30 November, Could you send me an application form? Remarks by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggest that Russia is considering its options after Snowden, who is stranded at Moscow airport, asked for refuge until he can secure safe passage to Latin America.

Christian 30 November, How much were you paid in your last job? But he said there is a good chance neither generic will be ready for launch next year because of difficulty making the complicated molecule. Xavier 30 November, Is this a temporary or permanent position? Meyer says the creation is truly groundbreaking. He dyed his beard reddish-orange with berry juice, and he wore a tunic and a military-style camouflage jacket. Carmine 30 November, Which university are you at? The defense official said he was optimistic that traffic would pick up, but he acknowledged that the link was tenuous.

Most have been run by religious groups. And it makes you afraid to click on anything lest you be judged. Sleep deprivation also hikes the odds of obesity, high blood pressure, depression, behavioral problems and drug abuse. It ends with a bonfire of the gods in their Valhalla palace. Measure speed using the GPS chip and even find the best driving roads near you. He was sent to Singapore in the early Nineties and from there built an Asia team across several regional offices, today managing billions of pounds for private investors and institutions.

Pitfighter 30 November, Have you got a current driving licence? That could have been bad news for him. However, most users would not have been able to stumble upon the site as the service could only be accessed through a service called Tor - a facility that routes traffic through many separate encrypted layers of the net to hide data identifiers. Allison 30 November, Could I take your name and number, please? It was widely perceived as a failure. Now, the White House recognizes that it must have a real relationship with lawmakers before asking them to support something, according to sources involved.

Marissa 30 November, What part of do you come from? They deserve more from their bosses, husbands, boyfriends and friends; they deserve more from their utility companies, manicurists and Whole Foods delivery boys. But Angeleno women would tell you that they slog away at life. And in many ways they do.

Her department is no small department either—at that time the company was already a global Fortune company operating in numerous countries across the world, and is still growing. A quick sidebar—this in itself is a great leadership technique. She requested meetings with teammates on the front-lines, those actually executing the daily operations of the business, instead of meeting only with other executives and leaders. It was in sharp difference to the senior executive whom she replaced. Many in my department had never met him. It admittedly watered my vanity but also was motivating.

A Senior Vice President a global Fortune company knew my name and wanted to spend some time with me in an informal discussion about our area of the business. She showed that she cared about and valued the time of the employees in lower-level positions. Good companies and managers likely provide feedback in short cycles. Other companies or managers may give feedback only times per year during performance appraisal. You may be in the dark for much of the year which is unconducive to developing your skills and strengths.

Do not sit back and wait for it to come to you. The senior executive asked what the company could do better to make our employees happier; how she could help clear paths to allow our team to excel; what was important to me. I, as a millennial, naturally told her that flexibility and work-life balance were key. We already had 1 work-from-home day per week. If she wanted to attract talented millennials in the workforce increasing the work-from-home allotment would help. Within a week my manager announced that we now were allowed two remote days every week.

My teammates were astounded not to mention my friends who are still jealous I work in pajamas every Thursday and Friday. Suddenly, the senior executive of our department wanted feedback directly from employees other than leaders. Most surprising of all, she immediately implemented the feedback she had received. If you want to stand out among your peers at work, the key is proactively seeking feedback.

Feedback is a gift. When you receive it, use it like your life, or in this case your career, depends on it. Because it really does depend on it. When asked if I had any questions for her, anything at all, I was stumped. During the whole meeting she sought feedback and asked questions.

Her track record was quite impressive—Senior Vice President of a global Fortune company, overseeing a department of more than teammates around the world, and recently recognized in the annual TopUnder list by a business journal in the state of our company headquarters. She clearly had a knack for excelling in her roles and advancing quickly. I wondered what she had done differently than her peers and asked if anything stood out in her mind as greatly contributing to her success. Her response was so simple. It sticks with me still years later.

Specifically, the one question that she consistently asked every single one of her bosses:.

Its simplicity lies in it being just a question. Implicit in it is something I see few do, something which can be implemented immediately. By meeting with me and asking questions, she sought direct feedback. You have a bucket of funds for raises and maybe even an approval to promote someone on your team. You have decisions to make. The level of performance of Steve and Amy is almost equal.

There is one key difference between them. Amy proactively seeks out your feedback. Steve does not seek feedback but rather waits for it. Amy asks about her strengths and weaknesses, and how she can improve. She asks consistently what she should prioritize to meet the changing demands of the work. She gathers the feedback and immediately implements the suggestions, improves her shortcomings, and bolsters her strengths.

Steve keeps his head down and is competent but complacent. Never does he proactively ask you for feedback on his performance but waits for it and hopes you can remember to share consistent and frequent feedback while managing many other teammates and projects. All other things equal, does Amy or Steve get the promotion or the bigger raise or more responsibility? Easy decision. You ask for recommendations and suggestions from people who have already reached your desired destination.

What is the best route and which to avoid. If you make a mistake and crash, you take responsibility for your mistakes, for you were driving. Granted, random circumstances sometimes do dictate life. For the most part, you can control your path. My meeting with this senior executive perfectly demonstrates this essential practice of seeking feedback and implementing it immediately. The decision you have to make gets even easier.

As a manager, if your team works closely with Sales or Finance, you may ask leaders in those areas for feedback on your direct reports. It goes without saying that one will stand out over the other. Two teammates are strong performers, but only one constantly asks how she can make working together more effective or efficient — what she can do to make their jobs easier and have less headaches.

In addition to managing employees, he or she has projects to manage, a boss to report to, and wants achievement and recognition, just like you. You are manager deciding whom to promote, or whom will get the biggest percentage of the small bucket of funds allotted to your team for raises, or who will lead the high-visibility project. The level of performance is relatively similar across the team. Only one person on the team is doing their job well but also making your own job easier. Again, easy decision. There sometimes is nothing more sobering than the slap-in-the-face that is perspective.

And there may be no greater source of perspective than war. To learn about war is to better understand life and it offers insights into strategy, conflict, empathy, human nature, and more. With Ferriss he shares his combat experience. His unit combated 30 to 50 daily attacks inflicted by enemy insurgents, ranging from gunfire to suicide vehicle bombs to buried roadside improvised-explosive-devices.

Conversely, he is still a fervent student of war and a firm believer in the benefits of its lessons. From these vantage points, he can offer wide-reaching insight into humanity. Less than a decade since his SEAL task unit brought stability to the city of Ramadi, Iraq, Willink tells Ferris of the essentiality of both darkness and light:. And so, I think if you want to understand the beauty and the glory of the life you have, it is good to know and understand that darkness.

This concept can be found dating as far back as 6th-century B. Like life, the book is full of contradictions. As one end of the seesaw is weighted down, the other rises. Darkness weighs down life but if you know how and where to look, beauty can be found rising up. So learning about the tragedy of war can be extremely positive and enlightening. The perspective it gives you is unmistakable. Many people focus only on the negative. The series explores innumerable and intertwined war stories from the perspective of 4 American towns and their citizens.

Written by 6-time Emmy Award winning author and historian Geoffrey C. Ward, The War distills the vast, abstract topic of war in concrete terms. Sit in the hole while the water climbs up around your ankles. Pour cold mud down your shirt collar. Sit there for 48 hours… And so there is no danger of your dozing off, imagine that a guy is sneaking around waiting for a chance to club you on the head or set your house on fire. Get out of the hole, fill a suitcase full of rocks, pick it up, put a shotgun in your other hand, and walk on the muddiest road you can find.

Fall flat on your face every few minutes, as you imagine big meteors streaming down to sock you. The Foxhole Exercise immediately puts your problems in a broader perspective and is a way to practice being grateful for what we have instead of complaining about first world problems. Sure, tough situations befall each of us. Framed in personal terms, the experience of war can give a greater appreciation for those who their lives in danger to protect others.

I used to have a coworker who is an active member of the armed forces. Our team was in Operations for a Fortune technology company which services a large sales-force around the country. It is a fast-paced, high transaction-volume job. Easy day. Such a mental exercise not only gives you wide-ranging perspective and deeper gratitude with your current station in life, but it strengthens the skill of empathy.

Seeing and feeling life in the shoes of another person. Even Maudlin agrees that it is difficult. Ward and Ric Burns. Ward to create yet another expansive exploration of war, this time The Vietnam War. All available online on amazon. In each of the documentaries war is explored from all angles — Vietnamese and American, Union and Confederacy, Axis and Allied, highlighting lives each war touched across the country and the world. He quit the University in to start his career as a newspaperman in Washington D. He eventually went on to cover travels and explorations in Canada, Alaska, and South America, his raw down-home writing-style covering the daily plight of common-folk steadily gaining acclaim.

Later on, he would persist as an observer of events, no longer sitting apart but injecting himself directly in the trenches of war, writing again of the everyday-folk, this time in war — those who lived and battled and struggled on the front-lines — and became a champion and friend of the foot-soldiers, infantrymen, and the drudgery, peril, and suffering they experienced.

The book spans his tours alongside soldiers from June, to September, , during which time he followed fighting from Sicily to Italy to England and finally to France. The gritty fighting coupled with the humdrum of war is captured only by the perspective of someone from within. Reporting on the unexpectedly tedious and brutal fighting in the mountainous Italian countryside, Pyle writes:. For more than a week they had been far up there, perched behind rocks in the rain and cold, eating cold K rations, sleeping without blankets, scourged constantly with artillery and mortar shells, fighting and ducking and growing more and more weary, seeing their comrades wounded one by one and taken down the mountain…They had no blankets to keep them warm, no beds but the rocks.

And they did it without complaining. The human spirit is an astounding thing. Pyle brought the daily scourge of war to the masses with plain-spoken language. The horrors of war deserve and require no literary flourishes. He taught them empathy — how to feel what their loved ones felt as they sprinted daily along the cliff-edge. While he taught those back home and around the world, there is a sense in his writing that he was himself being taught much about the vast spectrum of human nature.

The book covers the war, but it is a book about people, individuals, hundreds of characters he encountered and befriended along his path. In August, the European theater of war was coming to an end. But there is still another to be broken. The Pacific war may yet be long and bloody.

Nobody can foresee, but it would be disastrous to approach it with easy hopes. On the Japanese island of Iejima during the Battle of Okinawa, he traveled by jeep toward front-line action and his venerated foot-soldiers. En route, his convoy came under fire. Just 8 months from that moment in the French apple-orchard, Ernie Pyle was killed in action by enemy machine-gun fire.

His columns at their height were published in daily and weekly newspapers and avidly followed by Eleanor Roosevelt and President Harry Truman. He deserves the gratitude of all his countrymen. Army posthumously presented a Purple Heart to Pyle, a rare honor for a civilian. His path to the light was as dark as could be. Along the way, his writing touched some 14 million homes and covered hundreds of soldiers, shifting perspectives and teaching an entire nation of people the skills of gratitude and empathy. When lying in bed tonight pondering your bad work-day, try remembering you are lying on a comfortable mattress, in a controlled environment — and no one is trying to kill you.

Stoic Philosophers often contemplate, perhaps obsess, about death. They welcome death as a friend to life. Penned by Grateful Dead member and lyricist Robert Hunter, the river symbolizes life and death. The river of death is interminable, something found throughout nature and ever present in life. Yet the singer looks on departing life with congeniality, as one would look to a companion. To him the river is home, and to hear its sweet songs is medicine for his soul.

This motif appears in many Grateful Dead songs. The singer walks alone for the reconciliation must happen first within the self:. Though hippies of the counterculture movement around the world tout living with peace and harmony and happiness, their battle cry is often the music of the Grateful Dead. Ironically, many of their songs are about death and tragedy. No antiwar rants, no hymns to peace.

No odes to the trees and All Things Organic. Unlike most bands at the time that focused on record sales, chart performance, and ticket sales — public perception — the Dead were famous for not caring about any of that. They focused on pushing their music to new heights and putting on great shows — things they could control. This internal locus of control is a foundational tenet of Stoicism. Hippie music traversed both ends of the spectrum of light and serious, the Dead partaking in both as did other artists of the time.

No band danced as playfully with the topic of death as did the Grateful Dead. Though perhaps unknowingly contradictory to these acid-lovers and pot-smokers, they may be on to something. Grateful Dead sing of death and loss and tragedy yet their music casts a bright light on generations of listeners. They bring joy to music lovers, while subtly keeping ever present the idea of death: perfectly encapsulated in the name Grateful Dead.