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A man stands at the scene of the blast in shock while firefighters work through the debris. In the minutes after the explosion, fire fighters pulled survivors from the wreckage while battling the blaze. Several people in nearby offices were injured by flying glass and debris, the result of shattering windows. They reported feeling the ground shake and hearing a loud boom when the explosion happened.

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I saw a business owner but a sign that said "Business is closed for the day because of a gas leak. Fire fighters work at the scene of the explosion on Wednesday after the blast. Fire fighters work at the scene of the explosion in downtown Durham on Wednesday morning left. People in the buildings surrounding the therapy center were evacuated. A woman wears a bandanna right to keep herself from breathing in smoke. Around 15 minutes before the explosion, employees in a building near the site were told to stay indoors while a leak was investigated.

Jim Rogalski, 58, was working in his office across the street from the destroyed building when the explosion blew out the windows. At least four people working in cubicles by the windows suffered deep cuts, bloody head wounds, and other injuries, he said. Several of us shouted, "Is anyone hurt?

Firefighters and emergency personnel work the scene following a building fire in downtown Durham. Emergency personnel examine the destroyed building which was ripped apart by an explosion in Durham, North Carolina on Wednesday. At least four people working in cubicles by the windows suffered deep cuts, bloody head wounds and other injuries, he said.

Lots and lots of dust. It was tough to see beyond 20 feet or so. The injured were quickly taken to an exit. Rogalski said he was forced to abandon his car in a nearby parking deck because authorities worried the blast may have weakened the structure.

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Meanwhile, some downtown residents have reported their water is now turning cloudy or brown. City officials said this is due to the extra demand being put on the water system by firefighters and first responders. This was the site before the explosion. The building is occupied by Prescient, a building technology company and it houses a coffee shop.

There is also a psychiatrist's office in the complex. Share this article Share. Read more: Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Durham explosion: Gas explosion destroys downtown building that housed Kaffeinate and Prescient; 1 dead, 17 injured abc Share or comment on this article: year-old coffee shop owner killed in North Carolina gas explosion e-mail More top stories. When she takes the guy into her home, the townies are surprised, and then they begin to think, after a while, that perhaps she has murdered him.

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Welcome to democracy, I suppose, townies? But if the paper is held for a moment to the fire then the letters turn brown and the meaning becomes clear. Not sure how that works with the cogitation on love or with the narrative that follows. After that, everything is a cock-eyed fuck, difficult to assess, but damned interesting. Recommended for readers who glory in conjunctions which are ill-matched and pitiful, persons who know the intimate business of everybody, and those who keep in mind the cheapness of human life.

May 15, Mosca rated it it was amazing. I left in at the age of But there is much to love also: The vast and complex flora--springtime lasts five months; and each week there seem to be at least four different varieties of flowers in bloom! The lay of the The lay of the small towns and farms. The food! And, of course the language with its own vocabulary, pronunciations, It is easy to imagine oneself on a porch in the summer evening listening to a storyteller with a rich melodious voice going on and on Every word seems to come out of Carson McCuller's mouth personally, carefully, wickedly, lovingly, despairingly, wryly, But much much earlier, you hear a ballad as the plot slowly weaves itself into a pattern, and holds you in its trance There's nothing you can do to hold the pattern together; it unravels of its own energy, spinning across the tale You are invited to listen to this tale, Mar 02, Diane Barnes rated it really liked it.

I wish I knew how an author can come up with a sentence that says so much in 19 words.

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That's my favorite sentence but by no means the only perfect one in this collection. And as for the title story, it's just brilliant and awesome. Miss Amelia will stay a part of my psyche for a long time. View 2 comments. Apr 23, Sahil Sood rated it it was amazing Shelves: altar-book-shelf , storytelling-favourites. I wish I had half the music sense to narrate the inner lives of people--their hopes, fears, jealousies, frustrations, and secret longings--as evocatively as McCullers. Her prose is lyrical; composed and burnished by her keen sense of music and deep, abiding passion for finding truth and beauty in everyday lives and little details of the charmingly complex, flawed characters that inhabit her world.

The opening short is a classic in its own right. Jul 26, Lou rated it it was amazing. This is a tale of a cafe that became a hot spot of socializing and good times. The cafe's rise and fall, how it's owner found a wandering hunchback and warmed to him strangely took him in and loved him for all his peculiarity. One antagonist a criminal, a jailed man has a history with this area and people and is soon to return and wreck havoc. T This is a tale of a cafe that became a hot spot of socializing and good times. That one gem of a lady is no means a weak she is six foot two and can fight and when not fighting punches a punch bag many a time in her backyard.

A ballad of a sad cafe this is indeed but told with a humorous twist in parts. Such a person has an instinct which is usually found only in small children, an instinct to establish immediate and vital contact between himself and all things in the world. Certainly the hunchback was of this type. He was seen everywhere. During working hours he loafed about the mill, looking in at the windows, and on Sundays he dressed in his red shirt and paraded up and down the road with his guitar. He was still handsome-with his brown hair, his red lips, and his broad strong shoulders; but the evil in him was now too famous for his good looks to get him anywhere.

And this evil was not measured only by the actual sins he had committed. True, he had robbed those filling stations. And before he had ruined the tenderest girls in the county, and laughed about it. Any number of wicked things could be listed against him, but quite apart from these crimes there was about him a secret meanness that clung to him almost like a smell. Another thing-he never sweated, not even in august, and that surely is a sign worth pondering over.

What is it worth? If you look around, at times the value may seem to be little or nothing at all. Often after you have sweated and tried and things are not better for you, there comes a feeling deep down in the soul that you are not worth much. He has a wife that has a drinking problem and that is ruining all that is good for him and the children. You feel the sadness, the emptiness and helplessness presented in the families dilemma. Martin thanked the lord for that. But his own anger, repressed and lurking, arose again.

And the children, once the immunity of incomprehension passed- what would it be like in a year or so? With his elbows on the table he ate his food brutishly, untasting. There was no hiding truth-soon there would be gossip in the office and in the town; his wife was a dissolute woman. Apr 11, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing. One day a little, dirty hunchback turns up out of nowhere claiming to be a long-lost relative of Miss Amelia: he goes by the name of Cousin Lymon.

Miss Amelia is the richest woman for miles around: her only use for other people is to make money out of them. But, contrary to her inhospitable nature, Miss Amelia takes in her little relative, cleans him up, feeds and clothes him; and soon everything has changed. Cousin Lymon has a peculiar control over Miss Amelia — she is fascinated by him — in fact it is clear that she loves him.

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