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Last week, dragonfly swarms were spotted in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. And so you have a whole lot of dragonflies that are on the move right now. And every time they stop flying they need to eat. And so they form these big groups wherever there's a lot of little insects in a local area to feed on. And that's why you're starting to get the swarms. They do this pretty much every fall. They can do it throughout the year but you see a lot more of them now than you would earlier in the year.

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I mean they are amazing predators. They can eat all kinds of giant things. A small population occurs in the area. Best of all, the group found two species new to the reserve list.

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The first was an exciting tiny damsel, Nehalennia minuta , found at the old wetland in the reserve. This species occurs widely in South America, but is not often found.

And the second was Progomphus virginiae , a beautiful little gomphid found at a forested rocky stream, described from Santa Catharina State. The reserve odonata list now stands at species!

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This is the third organised dragonfly and damselfly tour at REGUA and the group saw species in their eight days here. Rosser Garrison pointed out that this in fact is A. We are indebted to Rosser for sharing drawings and scans of both species with us that support his view.

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The appendages of these two species are quite similar and there are also considerable similarities in colour pattern. However, under the microscope the difference in the shape of the cerci placement of ventral tooth can be clearly seen. Travel With Us. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research. Curators' Corner. Ask Smithsonian.

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