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When I say cook, I mean meal prep because most of the time you can make food for the masses in your crock pot. Let breakfast be a cinch with our favorite healthy slow cooker breakfast recipes! Step up your crock pot meal prep game with lots of lunch and dinner recipe inspiration below! Here are a few healthy slow cooker recipes to fuel your cravings!

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Guess what? I can not begin to tell you how happy I am to be home. It will fill you up without loading you up with calories and fat.


You will fall in love with this healthy spin on a classic. This flavorful and filling soup is not only nutritious but also quick and easy to prepare. With only one gram of fat, this superfood soup actually helps to promote weight loss! You will not be disappointed in this savory and delicious dish.

This is a perfect soup for a cold night. This yummy dish is sure to become a favorite. Look no further than this healthy and delicious soup that will fill that craving and leave you wanting more! Minestrone soup is a comfort classic, and this version keeps the calories low by using all vegetarian ingredients. The whole-wheat pasta adds the perfect texture, along with its beneficial complex carbohydrates. This soup is my new weeknight favorite! This dish is not only delicious, but so easy to prepare. This is the perfect meal for busy nights. This chili goes a step further to keep you healthy by containing all plant-based, vegan ingredients.

A chili with a secret ingredient that will keep you coming back for more. If you love pot pie, but hate the calories that come with it, then this is the stew for you! This vegetarian stew is so simple, yet so delicious. This dish is not only the official dish of Texas, but is also very healthy. This hearty and nutritious stew is quick and easy to prepare. This easy dish is a healthier version of the classic sweet potato casserole. This dish brings together great mashed potato taste and light, healthy ingredients.

This side dish is so easy to make and gives you that skillet-cooked taste. A macaroni and cheese dish that tastes great and is healthy? What more could you want? This dish is easy and delicious. It is sure to be a hit with both adults and children. As its name suggests, it was originally made with lamb or mutton, but these days you may be more familiar with the beef version. For a healthier version, try using ground chicken.

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For the Crock-Pot Shepherd's Pie recipe, click here. This untraditional lasagna recipe swaps customary Italian flavors for classic Mexican ones, using queso blanco instead of mozzarella and topping it off with fresh avocado, cilantro, and sour cream. This casserole may take some time to make, but it's definitely worth it. The chicken and beans are both soft and full of flavor. For the Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole recipe, click here. Add in bits of bacon or any of your other favorite breakfast meats and your simple side can be transformed into a hearty regular dish.

For the Slow Cooker Hashbrown Casserole recipe, click here. The much thicker kin of soup, stews tend to use larger, tougher cuts of meat that take hours to cook. Vegetarians and meat eaters like will love this hearty and delicious stew. With curry powder, green lentils, ginger, cayenne and more, this stew is bursting with flavor! Osso buco is traditional Italian stew made with veal shanks and is wonderful served with some creamy polenta. This recipe turns to the slow cooker to get things done effortlessly and can be made with beef instead of veal if you prefer.

Throw everything together in your slow cooker and let it go low and slow for a simple, yet satisfying stew that is comforting and delicious. Serve with a generous dollop of sour cream for a simply delicious dinner. This hearty minestrone stew calls for garden vegetable soup such as Progresso Vegetable Classics , turkey Italian sausage, and gluten-free macaroni. For the Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup recipe, click here. This slow cooker stew, which is made with healthy coconut oil, gets that hint of umami flavor from the addition of fish sauce.

Make this beef stew for a simple weeknight dinner. For the Thai Beef Stew recipe, click here. Looking for a way to celebrate Meatless Monday or simply trying to cut out meat from your diet? Look no further, because these vegetarian slow cooker ideas include everything from hearty vegetarian chili to simple mac and cheese. For a fabulous vegetarian breakfast look no further than these tasty huevos rancheros — a winning combination of cheese, green chiles, a splash of cream and , of course, some fried eggs!

For the Slow Cooker Huevos Rancheros recipe, click here. Mac and cheese is the homiest, most delicious comfort food you can treat yourself to. Now imagine being able to come home to freshly baked, always delicious mac and cheese that comes straight from a slow cooker? For the Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese recipe, click here. Easy, vegetarian and delicious! For the Slow Cooker Mushroom Spinach lasagna recipe, click here. These artichokes are cleaned and trimmed, and then stuffed with a mixture of breadcrumbs and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

For the Slow Cooker Stuffed Artichokes recipe, click here. This recipe uses protein-rich lentils cooked slowly with flavorful curry leaf, turmeric, and mustard seed to develop a rich curry flavor. The potatoes and pinto beans make this dish hearty enough for a filling main course. Use your slow cooker to make warm cakes, sweet breads, and more. Your slow cooker will save you time and free up oven space for the main course.

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This traditional desert from New Orleans has everything you could possibly want in a dessert — caramel, walnuts, banana and rum. Could it get better? Yes, it could, because this version is made in a slow cooker! For the Crock-Pot Bananas Foster recipe, click here. This simple banana bread makes a perfect and delicious use of your overripe bananas. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream and caramel sauce for a decadent dessert. For the Slow Cooker Banana Bread recipe, click here.

50 Crock Pot Recipes That Are Healthy & Low Calorie

Simply combine the ingredients and let your slow cooker do all the work while you are tending to more important kitchen tasks. For the Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake recipe, click here. Who knew you could make creme brulee in a slow cooker?!

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If you need a delicious dessert, this one is easy-peasy to make and everyone will love it. With refrigerated biscuit dough and plenty of sugar, you can make warm, gooey, chocolaty monkey bread in your slow cooker. What better way to keep warm drinks warm during a party or cold winter day than in your slow cooker?

Try our version of hot buttered rum or perhaps a hot toddy! This slow cooker hot buttered rum is made even more decadent by the addition of chocolate chips. If you prefer something more traditional, simply omit the chocolate chips from the recipe. Hot toddies are the perfect antidote to a cold day, so nothing could be more welcoming than greeting guests with a slow cooker full of hot toddies for them to enjoy.


This recipe will completely chase any and all cold weather blues away; party because of the enticing aroma and partly because of the alcohol. For the Slow Cooker Hot Toddy recipe, click here. This recipe, which has a little kick of brandy in it, is perfect for a wine-drinker that loves a little bit of sweet aroma and flavor in their wine bouquet. Just set the slow cooker up and enjoy!