Manual The Jesus Affirmations: Using Biblically-Based Truths to Develop Healthy Habits of Mind

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Biblical affirmations are scriptures that are stated in a positive, first person, present tense form. It is important to make them positive, because the things we hear repeatedly get deposited into our subconscious. And our subconscious takes in everything as if it is real. Have you ever had a time of struggling with fear? Well, we know that God says, He has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. What is of God is power, love and a sound mind.

Because our subconscious is going to hear us confessing fear. So what should the affirmation be? Begin now to fill your mind with this affirmation and your fears will begin to fade. The instant you become fearful, start confessing this affirmation and put a stop to the fearful thoughts instantly.

The success in using affirmations is repetition and speaking them out loud. You must listen to or read affirmations over and over until they begin to take root and grow. So there you have it: Make Christian meditation and biblical affirmations a daily habit. It is His desire that all believers tap into it as they grow nearer to Him. Why not begin meditating and affirming the powerful Word of God in your life today? Christian meditation is the process. And just as discoveries in the natural world, benefit society, so do spiritual discoveries found in the living Word of God.

Consider the natural law of electricity, which has always been. Once discovered, the world was forever changed. They have the greatest power for transformation in all areas of our lives. What people tend to call discovery is really the revelation of God. Spiritual wonders and revelation await us when we begin to meditate on the laws of God. If we will meditate day and night on the Lord and on His Word, we will be the ones bringing the latest revelations to the world. It first takes meditation on the information acquired from the Word of God, in order to receive revelation.

Information alone will not bring revelation. Revelation knowledge comes from meditation in the Word of God and is revealed by the Holy Spirit. Ephesians shows Paul praying to God, and asking that He would give unto us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. This is not just information, but revelation knowledge revealed by the Holy Spirit. Christian meditation, on biblical truths, opens the door to life transforming power; by allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal revelation knowledge.

It gets even better. While I believe the intention of the holidays is for it to be a time of remembering the One Light of the Divine as us and as all, for many the holidays are a time of darkness, anxiety, loneliness, and sadness which may be compounded by fear reactions to the world news. The human mind that is designed to protect us can react to news, etc. Yet we are the One Pure Spirit having a human experience. We can return to this awareness by spiritual practices that restore our connection to Spirit while additionally blessing all beings.

One practice that I offer today is the Loving-Kindness meditation from our Buddhist brothers and sisters. This meditation is continually practiced in one form or another all over the world. I invite you join the many who are practicing Loving-Kindness and contributing to peace and love on earth. How can we best respond to the mass exodus of Syrians and people from African countries?

I ask myself this, and here is the guidance that I receive. The only place where I truly have power to create peace is in my own mind and heart. Peace begins within. It is important to work at the level of cultivating inner peace first for lasting peace. Trying to create peace through retaliation, reaction, and more violence simply is not how it works. We know this. We have witnessed in the media the results of violent retaliation.

Terrorism has not gone away. We cultivate peace with our spiritual practice. We have the power to bring God's Light, Peace, and Love. Together we are a powerful energy for Good. If you have not already done so, simply click here to sign up. It's free and easy. Just read the visions they send by email and click yes if you agree. Living from the Light, life is less stressful than being caught up in the stories and illusions of the surface mind. Beholding the elusive sound-pictures, I am sure this daily-changing drama of turbulent and dancing lives is nothing but a vast dream-vitaphone presentation Teach me to look upon the tragedy-pictures of my own life with a thrilling, interested attitude, so that, at the end of each terribly sad picture, I may exclaim: 'Ah, that was a good picture, full of thrills and life.

I am pleased to have seen it, for I have learned much from it. In the New Thought spiritual tradition, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Master Teacher, and the birth of the Cosmic Christ in us all.

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Join us each Sunday to learn what living from Cosmic Consciousness means and how it can bring more ease and grace to your life. Bring your friends and family. Celebrating Cosmic Consciousness, Rev. How wonderful that we have a holiday focused on one of the most powerful spiritual practices that we can participate in - gratitude. Gratitude or giving thanks is THE spiritual practice for cultivating Abundance Consciousness, pure and simple.

If there is any sense of lack in our lives, we can begin by looking for things to be grateful for. Then we can take it one step further for a deeper spiritual experience - appreciation. As we reflect on the reasons we are grateful for someone or something, we begin to feel appreciation. We can be grateful for a sunny day. However, if we are present with the day, we can begin to appreciate the beauty, the crispness of the air, the warmth of the sunshine on our bodies, the vibrant green of the grass or evergreens. If we are present with others, we can begin to appreciate their eye colors, their smiles, the way they say something, and other traits about them that are endearing.

Appreciation is present moment awareness of the good that helps us to feel fully alive, more inspired, energized, and in the energy of love. Now for the invitation I invite you to practice appreciation using all of your senses and imagination this holiday season. Let me know what happens! The teaching is that money is Divine Energy that is affected by our consciousness. If we see it as being in scarce supply, then we can become obsessed with getting it, spending it, hoarding it. In this kind of relationship, we have lost money's sacred connection to Spirit.

If we see money as sacred energy which is in abundant supply, we tend to relax more, feel grateful more. We are able to give from a place of appreciation, abundance, and goodwill, and be therefore in the flow of it. Income is Spirit flowing in our lives. Income comes in many forms, and money is just one of the them. Income can also be ideas, solutions, inspiration, energy, and motivation to accomplish our goals. When we see that Spirit is truly the Source of money, we open up to the flow.

Living, Loving, and Laughing in the Flow, Rev. Candace and a few select speakers are offering short talks on different world spiritual traditions a few times each month from September through December. My Sunday messages also include quotes and teachings from various spiritual traditions.

Have you noticed how much New Thought really has in common with other religions?

Easy Does It

It is clear to me, especially after attending the Parliament of World Religions, that there is a large contingent of representatives from almost 50 world religions who are looking for common ground and who are enthusiastic to work together for the good of the planet. Our media would have us think otherwise. Join me in seeing the fulfillment of the vision of more and more people celebrating diversity and feeling unity as fellow citizens of planet Earth. Celebrating our Diversity and Unity, Rev.

How well are affirmations working for you? If not as well as you would like, then this is for you. Affirmations when well-worded, used regularly, and spoken with emotion can be very powerful ways of installing new beliefs which result in a happier life. Since affirmations affirm what we don't currently believe, they tend to create some inner dissonance. The mind tends to come up with a laundry list of "yeah buts. OR you can work with a licensed practitioner or minister from CJL to help you move through it more quickly.

Call to set up an appointment. In Service to the Highest Good, Rev. Keep in mind that this came from a Board made up of a diverse group of religions and spiritual traditions, yet it reflects the Truth that we teach in New Thought. It reads: "In conclusion, we appeal to all the inhabitants of this planet. Earth cannot be changed for the better unless the consciousness is changed. We pledge to work for such transformation in individual and collective consciousness, for the awakening of our spiritual powers through reflection, meditation, prayer, or positive thinking, for a conversion of the heart.

Together, we can move walls! The time is now for each of us to take the Inner Action to embody the consciousness of Oneness and Love that contributes to the tipping point in human consciousness. This consciousness gives birth to a New Earth in which the Golden Rule of 'treat others as you want to be treated' reigns! Deepening in Love and Compassion, Rev. What is freedom or spiritual liberation? It is liberation from the illusion that I am just a physical body and mind.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, "Don't seek to be free of desire or to achieve enlightenment. Become present. What I pick up with my senses is creation ever changing. I practice accepting "what is. When I see my mind judging a situation as "bad," my practice is to remember that the mind is making up a story. If I believe and act upon story while full of judgement, I am involved in problem making and personal pain. My intention is to meet the story with Spiritual Truth.

As a great back up, I have spiritual friends who tell me point-blank - in an act of Agape Love - that I am making up a story. I love that!! It is one of the many gifts of spiritual community - people who stand with and for each other's Higher Truth. The next Buddha may take the form of a community - a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth.

Together we learn, grow, and accomplish great good in the world. I invite you to practice with us, to thrive in Spirit with us, to awaken to and live your divine calling with us.

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I invite you to join me and two million others who together are planting a new vision for humanity. This project has been going on for many years now, and the numbers are growing. We know the power of thought and vision, and we know that as more and more of us come on board with a Higher Vision, the collective consciousness is blessed. Think of the wonderful legacy that we are leaving for future generations! And it is so easy. Sign up here. When you receive subsequent emails from the group, read them and envision what is written as if it is already happening. If you support the vision, click 'agree.

The project is so far-reaching that it is translated into 58 languages! This is a planetary movement! We are spiritual beings living in a Spiritual Universe governed by Spiritual Law. Therefore, we have a spiritual purpose. This awareness forms a firm foundation for our lives. From this awareness, our personality becomes a reflection of our essence; our relationships thrive; our life work brings us joy and is beneficial to others, and community life supports our awakening and desire to serve the planet.

From this awareness, we are able to notice when any aspect of our lives is out of alignment with our spiritual nature so that we can make adjustments in consciousness and life choices.


This Law of Least Effort works naturally when we practice acceptance. Nature's Spirit's Intelligence creates with effortlessness and ease. We, as individualized Spirit, are also designed to manifest our dreams effortlessly and easily. The Vedas of India teach this principle as "Do less and accomplish more. When we resist "what is" by complaining, wanting ourselves or others to be different in order to be happy, defending our point of view, asking "Why me?

Spiritual Wisdom of the ages teaches that accepting things as they come is the path of love, the energy in which new ideas and our desires are easily and effortlessly manifested. This is a state of mind, of trust, that everything is working together for good no matter how it appears. We also expand our ability to see all the good that was there all the while. How about it? Let's practice acceptance and allow our desires to be birthed through us with effortless ease.

George Lamsa, who was raised in the Near East as the son of the head shepherd in a tribe, lived in a Semitic culture that spoke Aramaic, the language of Jesus. He later came to the U. Thus his translation is directly from the original scriptures. There are 10, to 12, differences in his translation of the Bible from the King James Version. This week and next I will be sharing some of the differences. You may also be interested in getting the Lamsa Bible.

The Aramaic term gmeera that has been translated as 'perfect' also means mature and all-inclusive. Therefore, "Perfect love casts out all fear" would be translated as "All-inclusive love casts out all fear" in the Lamsa Bible. All-inclusive love is love that recognizes no boundaries or barriers and includes everyone regardless of his or her race, creed, color, etc. As we open our hearts to all people everywhere, we are moving beyond fear of differences into the realm of all-inclusive love that transforms our lives. Your spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being depends upon it.

Spiritual liberation hinges on our willingness to meet what is below the surface that does not serve us with Higher Truth. All of those emotional reactions that are so uncomfortable do not have to be a permanent part of our lives. When we open ourselves to receive more good in our lives through visioning, spiritual study, affirmative prayer, meditation, and the teachings we hear on Sundays, all within us that does not serve us rises to the surface mind to be released.

Yes, those emotional reactions! That is actually very good since we can meet the unhealthy thoughts behind the emotions with Truth. Remember that we have very capable licensed ministers and licensed practitioners at CJL who are trained in the art and science of transforming beliefs. Our classes are also designed to support you in the process of spiritual liberation through the transformation of your mind beliefs. Healthy mind means healthy emotions and healthy life. Check out the classes that are coming this fall! Walking the Path of Spiritual Liberation with You!

Mindful of The One Life, Rev. Moving Forward in Grace with You! Here students immerse themselves in deep spiritual study, spiritual fellowship, and spiritual practices in the company of like-minded students, supported by teachers who have years of education in the teachings of New Thought - Ancient Wisdom and Science of Mind as well as long-term devotion to the path of the mystic. Whether your intent is to heal, to realize your dreams, to deepen in your connection with the Divine, to be a beneficial presence on the planet, or to become more enlightened or all of the above , CJL has classes designed to support you each step of the way.

It is a state of fulfillment and joy that is attainable by all who would partake of this path. This Sunday we honor the students who have graduated from the spring classes at CJL, including a special tribute to the 6 students who have graduated from the Year One Professional Practitioner course of study. And for those who have come for 4 of the 5 Sunday services this month - a special Masters in Spirituality certificate. I recently heard a quote: "'Yes' gets you out of Egypt.

I meditated on this quote a moment, and I saw another way to look at it that applies to Spiritual Mastery. As you know, our thoughts govern our reality. We can change our behaviors and still be holding on to thoughts that do not serve us. Therefore it is profoundly important to say 'yes' to Spiritual Mastery of our thought world.

And to say 'no' to ways of thinking that do not align with who we are in Truth. Here is an example. If I am focused on a problem and keep dwelling on it, it will continue to manifest. If I practice letting go and letting God within provide a vision of the solution, then my eye is on the end result that is uplifting. I am also then guided in ideas and actions that support me in being a vibrational match for the vision.

I must say 'yes' to the vision and 'no' to the tendency to focus on what I perceive is wrong or lacking. It is a way of approaching the challenges of life, the relationship with the Divine within, and Earth stewardship that is the mark of a Master. This month is a wonderful time to review the 4 levels of consciousness to help us assess where we are and catch a vision of what we want to cultivate: The Mortal - "Why me? In this level we are reactive and into blame and shame.

This is where much of humanity lives. It is transcended through forgiveness. The Manifester - By me - My life happens by me using the power of my mind and my personal efforts leaves God within out of the picture.

I AM Affirmations From The Bible [AUDIO BIBLE SCRIPTURES] Faith Declarations - Amazing Grace

We visualize and use affirmations. The focus is on using the creative power to manifest relationships, finances, jobs, health, etc. This is important for our well-being, to stabilize our lives so that we can give our gifts in service to humanity. The danger though of this stage is the possibility of staying stuck and becoming materialistic. This danger is transcended by letting go of control.

Let go; let God. The Mystic - "God through me" - In this level, we see ourselves as a channel or instrument of the Divine. Visioning is a spiritual tool used in this stage - allowing the Ideas from the Divine within to guide us. A deeper ongoing relationship with the Divine within is cultivated as well as a reliance on Divine guidance in decision making. The Master - "God as Me" - Oneness consciousness. In this level, I meet life challenges from the perspective that everything is FOR me and for all of life, another opportunity to express Love.

I live in and as Grace and Love and I am a beneficial presence, in service to all life. Even at the Master's stage it is natural to occasionally experience all the other stages because we are spiritual beings having a human experience. At times, we may still react to a situation or person or even a word. The difference is seeing the trigger situation as an opportunity to look at what thought may be running the show. We look at the consequences of believing thoughts that cause us to be reactive.

This then helps us meet the thought with a higher thought that brings peace of mind and sets us free. Mark Anthony Lord. Mark was trained at Agape in California and then founded the Bodhi Center for Spiritual Living in Chicago which grew rapidly with the implementation of the Meta Model care structure. Sixty-seven participants total from Center for Joyful Living and 12 other New Thought centers will attend this training!

We are thrilled by the response and know it bodes well for the flourishing of New Thought in our region. I personally invite you to experience Rev. Mark this Sunday, May 3, as he gives the message at service and leads a workshop afterwards. He is bold, bright, fun, inspiring, and dynamic.

See the workshop ad below for more details. Our individual actions and choices demonstrate our conscious care and appreciation of the gift of Life. In the collective, we have the power to dramatically impact outcomes and effects for ourselves and for future generations. You might ask yourself at the close of the day, "What did I do for the Earth this day? Was I a grateful and intelligent expression of my gift of Life?

I am less a "consumer" and more a "conscious citizen" on this planet. I consider the long-term impact and true cost of all my purchases. I choose life-giving foods - ones that are seasonal, locally grown, and sustainably raised. I use the foods I buy and compost any waste. I take time to inspire "earth love" in young people. I choose grass-fed animals, if I consume animal products, and minimize environmental impacts. I surprise myself and my family and friends by cooking delicious vegetarian dishes. I give "meatless Mondays" a try, cutting food costs while reducing my carbon footprint and perhaps my waistline.

I avoid plastic bottles, bags, packaging items wherever possible. If plastic is forever, I understand the huge threat it represents for all life. I celebrate the gift of food, accepting it as a blessing to my body, and I consciously give thanks for it and to all who touched it. I work to limit my use of paper products towels, napkins, junk mail, office supplies using cloth and recycled options wherever possible. I honor the blessing of easy access to clean water, and I deepen my understanding of water reuse and protection.

I lovingly allow myself the grace to shift to behaviors that honor my deepest values. I accept that my life is my greatest expression of Love. I am in integrity with my connection to all life. I spend time in nature, with animals, or in other experiences that reconnect or deepen my sense of beauty and balance in the natural world.

Spirit, Soul and Body – How God Designed Us

I reflect deeply on the legacy of my life and lifestyle to future generations and become willing to expand and shift my expression where appropriate. I avoid the use of toxic products dry cleaning, pesticides, herbicides, paints, cleaning agents, cosmetics, and toiletries and dispose of all these products in responsible ways. If I am "moss" green, I am willing to learn.

If I am "forest" green, I become a supporter of others and join in shifting global paradigms in ways that help me grow. I ground myself in the loving Presence as it expresses as me and as all others and all life, and I celebrate today. How can I deepen into living from Grace Consciousness? I turn within and make the connection with the indwelling God, knowing the innermost God and the outermost God is One God.

There is Only One!

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I give up "What will other people think? I no longer expect others to give me what only God can provide. I trust in and follow the perfect guidance of God within and attune my humanity to my perfect divinity. I also practice deep self-compassion for the times that I thought my good was outside of me. I return to the Source within and listen. I give thanks for every time I say Yes to God. Grace can seem elusive until we take the deep dive within during meditation.

Here, in the Silence, we come to understand and benefit from the nature of Grace and open the way for the realization of Oneness in God. In a state of Grace, we lose the desire to look outside ourselves for our good. Instead, we become beholders of the activity of Divine Love, expressing and becoming all the good necessary for our lives.

How willing are you to drink of the Sea of Grace? What we consistently place our minds on will become the form and experience in our life. God is good and present everywhere. The spirit of God lives within each person; therefore, all people are inherently good. We must live them.

Boundaries in Marriage

Some aspects of the Unity movement are denominational, and some are not. This is a denominational aspect of Unity. In addition, the Unity Institute at Unity Village trains approximately 60 students every two years to be Unity ministers. This is also denominational. However, the majority of the work done by Unity involves prayer, publishing and education services to people of all faiths.

Yes, Unity teaches that the spirit of God lived in Jesus, just as it lives in every person. Every person has the potential to express the perfection of Christ as Jesus did, by being more Christlike in everyday life. Is there any connection between Unity and Unitarianism? No, there is no connection, although there is sometimes confusion because of the similarity of the names. Each is a distinct organization with its own set of beliefs and practices. Unity is a vehicle for instruction, inspiration, and prayer support for spiritual seekers, regardless of their religious affiliation.

Unity freely shares its teachings with all churches. What does Unity teach about sin and salvation, heaven and hell? Sin is our separation from God, the Good, in consciousness. Salvation is now—not something that occurs after death. It happens whenever we turn our thoughts from fear, anxiety, worry and doubt to thoughts of love, harmony, joy and peace. Heaven and hell are states of consciousness, not geographical locations. We make our own heaven or hell here and now by our thoughts, words and deeds. All of our services in the Unity Village Chapel, along with the surrounding grounds, are open to the public.

The grounds at Unity headquarters include a rose garden, a labyrinth for walking meditation, a metaphysical library and a bookstore.