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The second model is called the T, and we need you to suspend your disbelief for a moment because this will take some explaining. The primary material for this trailer is chicken feathers — yes, chicken feathers — set in resin. Company founder Angel Irlanda has experience working with feathers in fabric, and once the decidedly lightweight material is fused with resin it apparently becomes nearly as strong as carbon fiber.

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Once at the campsite, front and rear gullwing door open to create an impressive interior space. To keep weight low, interior amenities are understandably thin and relegated primarily to sleeping gear, though the company intends to offer extras such as a small kitchen. Right now, the Teardrop is still an in-development item, though Earth Traveler is taking reservations for both trailers.

They are usually 4 feet 1.

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  5. Wheels and tires are usually outside the body and are covered by fenders. There is room inside a teardrop trailer for two people to sleep, as well as storage for clothes and other items. Outside, in the rear under a hatch, there is usually a galley for cooking. Teardrop trailers tend to have lighting and other electrical power supplied by a storage battery , although some have mains power hookups like regular travel trailers.

    Some teardrop trailer owners participate in organized camping events for teardrop trailers, called "gatherings". The teardrop trailer phenomenon is not local to any one country. In Australia they are known as teardrop campers. Features: Indoor kitchen, seating area that transforms into a bed, 6ft headroom, TV, entertainment system and option to add either an AC unit, an extra cabinet, or a bathroom.

    TAG Teardrop Trailers

    All TABs come with a two-burner propane stove, a three-way fridge that can be fuelled by the 12v battery, a propane tank or shore power. If you decide to go for the bathroom option, you will have a shower, a toilet, a mirror and an optional window. You can even add an outdoor shower and a vent above the bed. How revolutionary is that? The last two are ideal for off-road adventures and living off-the-grid.

    It features a separate dinette and bed area, over 6ft headroom, a bigger bathroom and a closet. Learn more about the TAB trailers. Features: Outdoor kitchen with fridge, side tables, patio lights, 12v and shore power wiring, double bed, overhead cabinets and TV. Big Woody adapted the designs from the 40s and 50s to bring them back, with some improvements and modern add-ons. The result is a stunning-looking and functional teardrop. The Ultimate model is their top of the range, but there is also the more affordable, but lower spec, Deluxe version.

    Big Woody sell plans with templates, parts and kits on their website, so you can build your own trailer. You can either buy the plans and build everything from scratch, or purchase some of the kits and parts and assemble them to create your very own trailer. Imagine the satisfaction of building your own trailer!

    Find out more about Big Woody campers. Features: Outdoor kitchen, doors on both sides, overhead cabinets and side table. Minimalist campers will love the Oregon FronTear. This teardrop trailer features modern looks, clever storage solutions and a comfortable double bed. The side table is concealed under inside, by the bed, while the kitchen is simple and functional. Read up on the FronTear. Features: Ultra-light, W solar system, heater with thermostat, thick insulation, outdoor kitchenette and wing doors.

    Inspired by the design of spaceships, the Polydrop Trailer is a sleek, ultra-lightweight trailer that can go anywhere. The solar system comes as standard because this trailer is meant to be taken off-grid. The wing doors make it look like the Ferrari of the teardrop trailers; however, the cabin actually looks rather minimalistic and simple. Most of the luxury gadgets, like the heater, roof ventilation and solar charger, are hidden away from view. Find out more about the Polydrop Trailer. Features: Outdoor galley, doors on both sides, insulated walls, fan, food cooler and all-terrain tires.

    The Escapod has been designed to travel over technical terrain, so it can take you to the wildest, most remote places. The layout is the standard teardrop trailer style, all wrapped up in a very cool exterior.

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    Other cool add-ons include a rooftop tent to accommodate three more people, a kayak or bike rack and a variety of awnings. Above the queen size bed, there is a stargazer window, perfect for gazing at your favourite constellations.

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    Learn more about the Escapod. The Mount Massive is one of the few teardrop trailers on the market that can accommodate more than two people. The Mount Massive offers the feel of a camper, while being small enough to get into National Parks and fit in a garage. Read up on the Mount Massive.

    Features: Four windows and two portholes, pass-through opening with sliding screen, vent, outdoor kitchen, under bed storage and collapsible sofa table. An incredible amount of windows make it impossible for you to miss the beauty of the world around you. The opening between the galley and the cabin allows you to pass food to the people at the table or coffee to someone lying in bed. Inside, you can choose bed mode, which allows you to fall asleep gazing at the stars through the huge front window, or easily transform the bed into a sofa to lounge comfortably at the table.

    These unique features spice up the standard teardrop setup well, making the Vistabule stand out.

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    Find out more about the Vistabule Teardrop Trailer. Features: Fully kitted indoor kitchen, wet bath, indoor dinette that converts to a single bed, heater, hot water heater, floor-to-ceiling pantry, air conditioning, 6ft 7in headroom, TV and entertainment system.


    With the headroom being an astonishing 6ft 7in, anyone can stand inside while cooking or moving around. Learn more about Little Guy Max. Features: All-wood construction, open plan minimalist interior and a unique shape. Its epoxy-bonded, screwless, all-wood assembly makes it look like no other trailer. Each piece of wood looks stunning and the high quality construction is evident in every detail. It accommodates two people comfortably and can fit up to a maximum of three. The interior is very basic, with just a mattress and a few shelves for storage.