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Some such votive plaque, if found when foundations were dug for the western end of the cathedral, might have been taken for a miraculous imprint. Toledo lacked relics once the city had been reconquered from the Moors in Dr Nickson, a lecturer in medieval art at the Courtauld, does not use the word Moors, which is getting old-fashioned. It is still there, in the church named after him and St Peter. The chasuble bestowed on St Ildefonsus was kept safely in Oviedo. Usually historians take it as read that churches wanted pilgrimage income, so invented relics to draw pilgrims. I suspect there was a contrary process: devotion to the Virgin Mary grew.

Objects connected with the devotions were accorded the sacred status that relics enjoyed. Thus a footprint became literally iconic.

'Surf Green' Granite/Stone in stocks by Virgin Stone Exports.

The others are smaller applications, but partly with high publicity value. More about these proposals is found in the pages Application. We are looking at how we can make sure the Virgin Earth Challenge is a useful catalyst for all of the good work out there. The leading organisations bring expertise and solutions from a wide range of areas which includes air capture, biochar, bio-energy with carbon capture and storage, enhanced weathering on land, and land management.

It is hoped that by finding different ways of collaborating with these organisations, the VEC will provide them with new levels of support whilst advancing the entire concept of carbon negativity and recycling, as well as achieving further traction in the climate change debate. Nick Fox, a spokesperson for Sir Richard Branson. P01 North aisle 2nd pillar from the east.

At least five concentric circles.

Jomfru Marias Synål Avaldsnes, bautastein dommedag segn

AP02 Same pillar as AP Two joined rough triangles. AP03 North aisle rectangular pillar north face. Possibly a partly crossed out VV or a letter A. AP04 Near AP3. Possibly a VV on its side. AP05 Same pillar as No 3. A mesh and other marks. AP06 AP5 Enhanced. AP07 Near AP5. A roughly shield shapped mesh. A vaguely fish-shaped mesh. AP09 AP8 Enhanced.

Stone, Kent

AP10 The same pillar as AP8. A grill shape. AP11 The same pillar as AP Five or six concentric circles. AP12 North aisle rectangular pillar north west corner. Odd scratched lines. AP13 South rectangular pillar, east end. An ellipse which may be chisel cut. AP14 Near AP A rectangle with a line through it. AP15 Near AP13 on circular column. Four intersecting lines. AP16 South rectangular pillar south face. Two concentric circles. AP17 South rectangular pillar, west column.

A mesh. AP18 South rectangular pillar east end. A small circle. AP19 South rectangular pillar, north side west end. An incomplete or partly erased compass drawn design. AP20 Chancel arch north west end column. A long mesh. AP21 Chancel arch south side north east face. A circle. AP22 Ringing chamber door north side. In badly damaged masonry a VV.

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AP23 Tower stairs below the bell chamber. A ladder mark. AP24 Tower stairs near the bell chamber door. A mesh mark. AP25 Tower stairs mid section. AP26 Tower stairs lower section. A Marian mark. AP27 Tower stairs lower section. Crossing lines. AP28 Tower stairs top section. Two mesh marks. AP29 Tower stairs mid-section. AP30 Tower stairs mid-section. AP31 Chancel south wall, centre window sill. Various crossed lines. AR01 North aisle, 2nd pillar from east, west side. An arrow. AR02 AR1 Enhanced. AR03 North rectangular pillar, west end south side.

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Three arrows. AR04 North rectangular pillar, west end column. Two arrows. AR05 South aisle 1st pillar east of rectangular pillar.

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  6. An arrow on base of pillar. CD01 North aisle east pillar. Two modern-looking circles. CD02 Pillar west of CD1. CD03 North rectangular pillar. A small compass drawn cross. CD04 North rectangular pillar. A compass drawn cross. CD05 North rectangular pillar. A compass drawn circle. CD06 Tower stair upper level. A compass drawn design, possibly the start of a cross or daisy wheel. CD07 Tower stair 1st window. CD08 Tower stair upper section. A compass drawn design of 3 circles. CD09 Near CD8.

    The same design. CD10 The same design again near CD8. CD11 The last of these 3 circle designs, near CD8. C01 North aisle east pillar, north side. A faint cross. C02 North aisle east pillar, east side. C03 North rectangular pillar, north side. A rough St Andrew's cross. C04 North rectangular pillar, north side.

    Two small St Andrew's crosses. C05 North rectangular pillar, west end. A St Andrew's cross. C06 North rectangular pillar, south west side. C07 North rectangular pillar, south side. A very small cross that has been gone over in pencil. C08 South rectangular pillar, south eastern column. Possibly a cross. C09 South rectangular pillar, north west column.

    Possibly the remains of a cross. C10 South rectangular pillar, south west corner. A rough cross. C11 Near C St A rough St Andrew's cross.