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Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs

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Examples: Even as an adult, I still get a kick out of building sand castles at the beach. She really Latest entries. Senior communist officials are used to unquestioning respect, except when they are making a ritual "self-criticism" before the gaze of their superiors. This time the self-criticism was carried out not before the outside world but live on state television.

POW's life in a word: Torture

And it got worse for the vice-minister unexpectedly thrust under the spotlight. Was he saying that it wasn't safe to travel around China, an Australian journalist asked.

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And second, where was the health minister, Zhang Wenkang? Was he even now handing in his resignation to President Hu Jintao? The vice-minister's first answer was dramatic enough, saying that the disease was considered so serious that the May Day holiday week would be cancelled. But then he tried to move on. A cry went up from the back: "Di er ge wenti - what about the second question?

The vice-minister was being challenged, in Chinese, to account for the actions of the man who, it turned out, was no longer his boss. China sacks health chief. He paused, and then said: "I am afraid I am not in a position to answer your question. I will give you a fuller answer when I have an update.

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From the moment a businessman in the southern city of Foshan was recorded as showing unusual symptoms of pneumonia in November last year, the disease has been as much a political as a health crisis. Within weeks, hospital beds were filling up. Many of the patients were not only young and otherwise healthy, but included several of their own doctors and nurses. But somewhere along the line, almost certainly at local level, a decision was made not to "worry" the populace by making any of this public.

At one stage, doctors were even apparently told not to wear face masks for fear of spreading alarm.

Local heroes return

More beatings. American atomic bombs forced the Japanese surrender, and POWs were liberated. If not for the bomb, my dad figured he would have died in a few weeks. For his service and troubles, my dad earned a Purple Heart and in was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. In , he died at 65 of colon cancer. For the longest time, and understandably so, Joe Cross strongly disliked the Japanese.

They were included in almost every streak of cuss words for whatever reason. So I recalled my life at 18, a kid bemoaning the perceived unfairness of life growing up in a beach resort. Torture was having to collect and empty the trash cans in the house and then take it all to the curb, maybe 15 yards away. Torture was not having the funds for gas to cruise Atlantic Avenue or down dollar drafts at a bar.