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City walls, shown in Fig. Laodikeia was completely leveled by the earth- inside the ruins and dated to sixth century AD of Heraclius, quake in AD. After that, the city was reconstructed. Iustinianus and II. After archeological excavations at the Department of Pamukkale University initiated archaeo- northern part of the church structure, a waste dumping area logical excavations of Laodikeia in under the chair- was determined and the church was partly built in this area. Since then, a large part The vertical and horizontal separation at the northeast of the antique city has been unearthed.

As the city was corner of the church resulted due to a geotechnical problem abandoned in the early seventh century AD after the big of the waste fill basement soil of the church. Fig- A collapsed wall was unearthed at Laodikeia Temple ure 9 shows the relic observation locations and geology on during the early phase of excavations of Laodikeia.

The the plan map of Laodikeia, with a geological cross-section. At the Syria Street is the main street in the Antique city. When Holy Agora South Portik, the walls of the structures were it was unearthed, the columns and the walls were found as also totally toppled to the N20E direction Fig. Toppling Simple analysis i. However, they left one or two col- least, to topple it. After each strong earthquake, the centuries AD. The city had seven church buildings, city became smaller in size and the population decreased. Figure 13 shows that relics of two big earthquakes occur- Laodikeia Church structure is located at m SE of the red between and AD and in AD.

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When the Laodikeia fault trace and was built between and first devastating earthquake occurred between and AD. The church had been used until the early seventh AD, Laodikeian people abandoned some parts of the city century AD, when the strong earthquake hit the region. The and used the collapsed material of the structures e. A surface rupture that daylighted at wall construction stone and columns of new structures. In the east corner of the structure after the Laodikeia Church Fig.

After this earthquake, the struc- earthquake hit the area in AD and caused many ture was repaired and a new floor was built on leveled structures to collapse.

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F2 label shows the base of the ground 65 cm higher than the old floor level. A second big building at the time of the second big earthquake. The separation of the wall NE border of Laodikeia antique city Fig. It was is 13 cm and vertical displacement is 4 cm Fig. It was built on soft sediment and hard sediment Fig.

The theatre was used until the seventh century AD. The earthquake activity of the region and the geological section of the theatre slope affected the damages to the western theatre. The upper stairs were built on conglomerate Fig. As their shaking and mechanical characteristics differ from each other, damages are high on the stairs, which were built on the soft sediments. The local people took the stones of the failed stairs out of the city for construction. The northern theatre was built in the second century AD during the Hellenistic Period.

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Seat capacity was about Fig. The city was abandoned and people left the area thereafter. The close to the Laodikeia fault scarp. THe long axis of the theatre Turkey Ulusay and Aydan The seat stones of the Fig. The western theatre was built ogists of Laodikeia in After the excavation, the Fig. It is heavily damaged by the seventh century AD earthquake and also by the local people Fig. The toppling directions of the wall and the columns are S60—70E. According to architects, before the earthquake, the columns were not connected to each other by marble beams at the top.

This implies that they were shaken as separate standing structures during the historical earthquake. Maximum ground accelerations induced by earthquakes are generally higher in the direction perpendicular to the strike of earthquake fault than in other directions. This implies that damages to the ground and the structures would be higher in the direction perpendicular to the strike of earthquake fault. The toppling direction of the walls and Fig. As noted from Table 1, the magnitude of the earthquake in Aegean region is about 7. The recurrence period of earthquakes in relation Aegean region is about years for a magnitude 6.

These antique cities were heavily damaged and destroyed by strong earthquakes in the past. The earth- Aydan and Kumsar pointed out that coefficients quakes of 60, , , the early seventh century, , for two sets of data for the time spans of and , and were some notable strong earth- years are obtained and values of coefficient b were 1. Although it is theoretically assumed Denizli Basin. The early 7th AD earthquake years. Therefore, the authors would follow the most possibly occurred as a result of rupturing of Pamuk- empirical relation of Aydan and Kumsar for the kale fault, as it has surface ruptures in Hierapolis antique earthquake recurrence in a time span of years, which city.

As the Pamukkale fault is of normal fault type, it can is sufficiently long, would be the most appropriate to draw produce earthquakes with a moment magnitude ranging some conclusions for the regional seismicity. Such earthquakes would induce base together with observed data as shown in Fig. The most accelerations greater than 0. If ground amplifications likely maximum magnitude of the earthquake in the are taken into account, the maximum ground accelerations could be up to 0.

These results are in agreement with inferences mentioned in previous sections and earlier studies by the first two authors Aydan et al. On the other hand, if the Laodikeia fault, which is approximately 17 km long, was assumed to have ruptured, it could produce an earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6. It is very interesting to notice that this inference is also in good agreement with those listed in Table 1. In other words, the magnitudes of earthquakes affecting both Hierapolis and Laodikeia antique cities are generally greater than 6. Indeed, there are some worrying indications that US authorities may expand the investigative net, also involving other Turkish banks and institutions.

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Threats range from individual fines and sanctions to the potential that banks or financial institutions have their licence suspended, preventing them from operating in the US market or in US currency. Given that Zarrab has testified that different Turkish banks were involved in the transactions with Iran, there is a possibility that more Turkish banks become implicated in the probe. Such eventuality would pose economic but also political and even geopolitical challenges for Turkey, the US-Turkey and West-Turkey relations. In light of these developments, US and Turkish authorities would do well to redouble their efforts and quickly find an agreeable solution to the crisis.

The risk is that tensions stemming from other developments seep over into the current investigation, politicizing its outcome and closing down room for potential compromise. Halkbank will likely face a heavy fine and other senior members of the bank may join its deputy manager Atilla in facing US convictions. Ultimately, however, it is in the interests of both the US and Turkey to limit the political and economic fallout from the case.

While marred in significant tensions, the US-Turkey relationship, like the broader West-Turkey alliance in NATO, is too valuable and fragile to risk expanding the court case into high level political indictments of Turkish officials. Such an eventuality would effectively push Turkey closer to the Russian-Iranian axis and further complicate US and European interests in the economic, security and political domain, where important drivers of structural interdependence remain of significant benefit to both sides in the relationship.

Intermarine plucks up the Courage August 23 - Intermarine has taken delivery of its latest heavy lift tweendeck vessel, Industrial Courage.

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K Lines MOL has completed the acquisition of Hinrichs joins Combi Lift August 17 - Combi Lift has appointed Holger Hinrichs as managing director, joining Heiko Felderhoff in leading the Bremen-headquartered heavy lift shipping line. Boskalis terminates loss-making transport activities August 16 - Royal Boskalis Westminster has terminated the loss-making transport activities in its offshore energy division and will retire some closed-stern heavy transport vessels.

Hecht takes the helm of Panalpina heliship August 16 - Panalpina has appointed Ryan Hecht to lead its helicopter shipping heliship division, replacing Juerg Boschung who will retire after 25 years with the company. Sunderland sets its sights on offshore renewables August 15 - The port of Sunderland in the UK has completed a resurfacing project covering almost two acres 0.

Universal acquires Southern Counties August 13 - Universal Logistics Holdings, a provider of customised transportation and logistics solutions, has acquired Southern Counties Express. Zeaborn combines ship management activities August 13 - Bremen-based Zeaborn Group has combined the ship management activities of Rickmers Shipmanagement and E.

Rhenus buys C. Spaarmann Logistics. Antwerp XL reveals initial exhibitor list August 2 - Launched just eight weeks ago, the latest exhibition for the breakbulk sector, Antwerp XL, has already signed up some blue-chip names from the heavy lift and project forwarding sector as exhibitors. Technology to revolutionise freight forwarding August 1 - While the fundamentals of freight forwarding remain unchanged, the short-term future of the sector will be characterised by the introduction of technologies that unlock value and enhance capability.

Barnhart on the acquisition trail July 31 - Barnhart Crane and Rigging is set to acquire the crane and rigging operations, including all associated personnel and equipment, of Ohio-based Selinsky Force. Owens as president and ceo, succeeding James R. Callahan who will remain as chairman. Multipurpose time charter rates fall July 23 - Time charter rates in the multipurpose shipping sector have fallen over the last month, according to the latest data from shipbroker Toepfer Transport.

Osprey adds Constructor to fleet July 20 - UK-based heavy transport and marine specialists, Osprey, has added the Osprey Constructor to its fleet of barges. Centurion in Triton takeover July 18 - Australian heavy haulage provider Centurion has acquired Triton Transport Service, a specialist heavy haulage and general freight company based in Western Australia. Mammoet invests in Kazakhstan July 18 - Mammoet has expanded its presence in Kazakhstan with the opening of an office in Aktau, which will have 40 employees and operate under the Mammoet-Kasmashal banner. Antonov's revenue soars July 16 - Antonov Airlines has reported an 81 percent revenue increase in compared to the previous year, with aerospace shipments being one of the key sectors for the Ukrainian airline.

Contracts roll in at Boskalis July 13 - Royal Boskalis Westminster has received a letter of award from Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering MHB for the transportation and installation of an offshore platform for the Bakor central processing platform redevelopment project in Malaysia. Skellorn steps up at Fracht July 5 - Fracht Argentina has appointed Gavin Skellorn as sales manager for general cargo. Keltbray expands its lifting services July 4 - UK-based Keltbray Group has extended its lifting services to external clients with the opening of a new hub in east London.

Trade war steams ahead July 3 - The trade war is a speeding train, accelerating with every trade-restrictive retaliatory measure imposed and becoming ever more difficult to stop, said the Baltic and International Maritime Council BIMCO. Gerald Karch as ceo and chairman of the management board.

Tradelossa opens in Irapuato July 3 - Tradelossa has opened a 86, sq ft 7, Daseke snaps up Aveda Transportation July 3 - Texas-based flatbed and specialised haulage company, Daseke, has completed the acquisition of Aveda Transportation and Energy Services. LBH and Rhenus target waterway market July 3 - Port services provider LBH Group is planning to form a joint venture with logistics service provider Rhenus in the European inland waterway shipping sector.

Fracht takes over Polytra July 2 - Effective July 1, , the Switzerland-based Fracht group has acquired the Belgium-based forwarding company Polytra. Jensen Jr to the board of commissioners. He will serve a five-year term, succeeding Robert R. Barkerding Jr. Amerijet adds to leadership team June 29 - Miami-based Amerijet International Airlines has appointed Jon Olin as senior vice president for corporate strategy and administration, and Derry Huff as vice president of sales and marketing. Shipping confidence holds steady June 29 - Shipping confidence held steady at the four-year high of 6.

Broekman introduces air charter desk June 28 - Broekman Logistics has appointed Ton Smulders to manage its newly introduced dedicated global air charter desk.

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Mammoet strengthens Saudi presence June 25 - Mammoet has strengthened its presence in Saudi Arabia with the opening of an operational hub in the city of Al Jubail. Panalpina secures solar contracts June 22 - Panalpina has been awarded several logistics contracts for solar power projects in Australia. Long Beach plans investment June 15 - The port of Long Beach has approved a USD million budget for its upcoming fiscal year, with 70 percent of spending focused on modernisation and other construction projects at the port. Chipolbrok eyes newbuilding programme June 8 - The Chinese-Polish multipurpose carrier Chipolbrok is considering a newbuilding programme as it continues to transition its fleet from smaller to large multipurpose tweendeck vessels.

Freight lobby calls for end to carrier surcharges June 6 - The British International Freight Association BIFA , the trade association for UK freight forwarding and logistics companies, is repeating the calls it has made previously for an end to surcharges imposed by shipping lines. Facelift for Port Canaveral June 6 - Port Canaveral has renovated its North Cargo Piers 1 and 2 as part of an infrastructure improvement plan to maximise the usability of existing space at the port.

Kerry Logistics expands project logistics capabilities June 6 - Kerry Logistics has acquired a majority stake in Saga Italia, strengthening its service portfolio and project logistics capabilities.

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Another day, another project cargo trade fair June 6 - The city of Antwerp will see the return of a trade fair for the breakbulk community in Ontario takes escorts private June 4 - Effective July 1, , all superload permit moves in Ontario, which previously required provincial police escorts, will require newly certified private pilot escorts through the Certified Superload Escort Program.

Makzume Shipping Agencies Makzume to expand its operations in Turkey and neighbouring countries. Noatum gets on track with rail division June 4 - Noatum Logistics has launched a division specialising in railway equipment transport, focussing on providing services to railway equipment manufacturers. Mood is upbeat, but challenges to overcome June 1 - At this week's Breakbulk Europe event, during a discussion session on ocean-going issues, participants heard that companies on all sides of the supply chain still face many challenges.

Mammoet wins wind contract May 31 - deugro has contracted Mammoet to transport 37 wind turbines to the Badgingarra wind farm, located km north of Perth, Western Australia. Schlicht steps up at Milwaukee May 31 - Adam Schlicht has been appointed as municipal port directorn at Port Milwaukee. He succeeds former port director Paul Vornholt.

Intermarine and Zeaborn form Zeamarine May 29 - With Breakbulk Europe set to open in a few hours, Maritime Holdings Delaware, parent company of Intermarine, and Zeaborn Group have surprised the heavy lift and multipurpose shipping sector with the formation of a joint venture entity - Zeamarine. Wallem ceo to step down May 28 - Simon Doughty has decided to step down from his role as chief executive officer ceo of the Hong Kong-headquartered maritime services company Wallem Group.

Multipurpose rates edge up May 23 - Time charter rates in the multipurpose shipping sector continue to creep upwards, according to the latest data from shipbroker Toepfer Transport. Jumbo founder passes away May 22 - Jumbo has announced that its founder, Hans Gerhard Kahn, passed away on May 18 at the age of Mammoet expands Texas services May 14 - Mammoet Americas has taken delivery of the first of 11 Liebherr all-terrain cranes, as the company prepares to target the crane rental market in Texas. Larsen as head of maritime security, replacing Phil Tinsley. Jumbo wins Shell contract May 9 - Jumbo has been awarded the installation contract for Shell's deepwater Vito development in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sparrows flies into Indonesian deal May 8 - Sparrows Group has appointed heavy lift equipment supplier Superkrane as its agent in Indonesia. Goldhofer boosts representation in Spain and Portugal May 7 - Goldhofer has appointed Mycsa Mulder y Co as its exclusive sales and service partner for Spain and Portugal.

Combilift opens in Monaghan May 3 - Material handling solutions provider Combilift has opened its new global headquarters and manufacturing facility in Monaghan, the Republic of Ireland. Crowley appoints Sullivan May 2 - David Sullivan has joined Crowley Maritime as vice president, business development and capture management, government services. Poole has been appointed as chief financial officer at Florida's Port Canaveral.

Pedersen as its chief executive. Boskalis renames Dockwise Vanguard April 30 - Royal Boskalis Westminster has renamed its semi-submersible heavy lift vessel, Dockwise Vanguard, as the company begins the process of rebranding of all of its business units under the Boskalis name. HMC to focus on heavy lift April 30 - Heerema Marine Contractors HMC will discontinue its offshore pipe laying activities and will focus entirely on its heavy lift, decommissioning and renewable energy activities.

Goffin up at Sheerness April 27 - Peel Ports has appointed Richard Goffin as port director at its London Medway Sheerness facility, as part of the company's plans to drive growth at the port. Konecranes names Kallio April 27 - Konecranes has appointed Ilari Kallio as its chief digital officer, effective June 18, Manitowoc names trio April 27 - Manitowoc has expanded its sales team in the Philippines with a trio of appointments,.

Cargolux soars to record year April 27 - Luxembourg-based Cargolux has reported that was the best year in its history, with a net profit after taxes reaching USD Geodis opens in Uganda April 26 - Geodis has opened an office in Kampala, Uganda that will initially cater to the surge in industrial projects currently taking place in the East Africa region.

Broekman names de Man April 23 - Broekman Logistics has appointed Cor de Man as its general manager, responsible for Broekman's forwarding activities in the Netherlands and its specialised breakbulk-related project logistics activities. Multipurpose rates continue to increase April 23 - The multipurpose shipping sector has seen a further rise in time charter rates over the last month, according to the latest data from shipbroker Toepfer Transport.

Drewry remains optimistic on multipurpose recovery April 20 - During a webinar earlier this week looking at the latest trends and outlook for the multipurpose shipping market, covering both breakbulk and project cargo sectors, Drewry repeated its optimistic forecast for the sector, predicting further rec. Kerry Logistics names Biron and Cheah April 17 - Asia-based Kerry Logistics Network has made two new appointments in a move to develop the company's international freight forwarding development activities.

Vroon reaches agreement with lenders April 16 - Dutch shipping company, Vroon has reached an in principle agreement with all its lenders regarding the terms of its financial restructuring. Air Partner review takes off April 13 - Air Partner has released a statement claiming that the total cumulative impact for the accounting error between the financial years ended July 31, and January 31, will not exceed GBP4 million USD5. Breakbulk Europe set for Bremen return in April 12 - In a move that will end current speculation, it has been revealed that Breakbulk Europe, the largest exhibition for the project cargo and breakbulk industry, will return to Bremen, Germany in , and not return to Antwerp, which had been the.

DFDS acquires U. Huisman names Bruijninckx April 9 - Huisman Equipment has appointed Theo Bruijninckx as ceo, following Joop Roodenburg's decision to take on the role of president. It's a gas for Malin Marine April 9 - Malin Marine Consultants MMC and Linde Engineering have signed a three-year framework agreement covering the supply of technical support and marine assurance surveying services.

Shipping weighs on Grieg April 6 - In reporting its annual results for , the Grieg Group indicated that an increased loss at Grieg Star, was only partly offset by improved results within its seafood and investment activity arms. Ritchie Bros launches Marketplace-E April 6 - Ritchie Bros has introduced Marketplace-E as its latest online solution to buy and sell used heavy equipment, trucks and other assets.