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My book, The Entrepreneurial State : debunking public vs. In I co-edited the book Rethinking Capitalism: Economics and Policy for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth focussed on new economic thinking to drive more effective economic policies.


My book, The Value of Everything: making and taking in the global economy , brings the debate about value back to the heart of economics, so to ensure we are rewarding value creation over value extraction and destruction. But it is basically right. The failure to recognise the role of the government in driving innovation may well be the greatest threat to rising prosperity. The Entrepreneurial State is one of the recommended readings for creative leaders by Forbes.

How do regulators define and tackle crypto-currencies? Professor Mariana Mazzucato explains how economists should measure value. John Thornhill talks to economist Mariana Mazzucato about her work to promote collaboration between governments and companies to direct innovation towards sustainable and inclusive growth.

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Interviews with economists on how they are rethinking some central tenets of the subject :Economists would always acknowledge that markets fail too, and then government must act. But as a default, the assumption has been private first, public second.

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That whole view has been challenged by Professor Mariana Mazzucato. Sachs, J. D, Schmidt-Traub, G. Continual growth of output could no longer be explained only in increase of inputs used in the production process as understood in industrialization.

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Hence, innovation economics focused on a theory of economic creativity that would impact the theory of the firm and organization decision-making. Hovering between heterodox economics that emphasized the fragility of conventional assumptions and orthodox economics that ignored the fragility of such assumptions, innovation economics aims for joint didactics between the two.

As such, it enlarges the Schumpeterian analyses of new technological system by incorporating new ideas of information and communication technology in the global economy. Innovation economics emerges from other schools of thought in economics, including new institutional economics , new growth theory , endogenous growth theory , evolutionary economics and neo-Schumpeterian economics.

Leading theorists of innovation economics include both formal economists as well as management theorists, technology policy experts and others.

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Economic growth in innovation economics is the end-product of: [5] [6]. This fosters economic growth , employment gains and other society-wide benefits. Business school professor David Ahlstrom asserts that "the main goal of business is to develop new and innovative goods and services that generate economic growth while delivering benefits to society". In contrast to neoclassical economics, innovation economics offer differing perspectives on main focus, reasons for economic growth and the assumptions of context between economic actors:.

Despite the differences in economic thought, both perspectives are based on the same core premise, namely the foundation of all economic growth is the optimization of the utilization of factors and the measure of success is how well the factor utilization is optimized. Whatever the factors, it nonetheless leads to the same situation of special endowments , varying relative prices and production processes. Thus, while the two differ in theoretical concepts , innovation economics can find fertile ground in mainstream economics , rather than remain in diametric contention.

Empirical evidence worldwide points to a positive link between technological innovation and economic performance. For instance:.

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Concisely, evidence shows that innovation contributes to steady economic growth and rise in per capita income. However, some empirical studies investigating the innovation-performance-link lead to rather mixed results and indicate that the relationship is more subtle and complex than commonly assumed. All of the above has taken place in an era of data constraint as identified by Zvi Griliches in the s. This recusal still stymies progress today.

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This is pending further disclosure from commercial sources, but several pertinent documents are already available. While innovation is important, it is not a happenstance occurrence as a natural harbor or natural resources are, but a deliberate, concerted effort of markets , institutions , policymakers and effective use of geographic space. In global economic restructuring , location has become a key element in establishing competitive advantage as regions focus on their unique assets to spur innovation i.

Even more, thriving metropolitan economies that carry multiple clusters i. Tokyo , Chicago and London essentially fuel national economies through their pools of human capital , innovation , quality places and infrastructure. They become essential to the system of innovation through the supply side as ready, available, abundant capital and labor , good infrastructure for productive activities and diversified production structures that spawn synergies and hence innovation. In addition, they grow due to the demand side as diverse population of varying occupations, ideas and skills, high and differentiated level of consumer demand and constant recreation of urban order especially infrastructure of streets , water systems , energy and transportation.

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