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I like it; I can see my face in it.

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The reason for the shooting was never publicly disclosed, but Demons was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of discharging a firearm in public. Melly beat his fist against his chest to tap out a beat as he sang, and wrote the full song in his cell. I sang it every day. Upset with what he calls unfair and racist treatment from local police in his hometown, Melly relocated to Miami in early , but the violence followed: On October 26, , YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy were shot near a waste management plant on a quiet road in Miramar, Florida.

The incident was believed to be a drive-by shooting.

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Police say Melly was not present that morning. A day after the shooting, Melly uploaded a photo of himself next to Sakchaser and Juvy on Instagram. Till we meet again my twins my slimes.

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Melly, Sakchaser, and Juvy were close. Before their deaths, Melly tattooed each of their names on his face and immortalized them in his songs. Speaking on their relationship in a self-released documentary, Melly says, "We ain't never had no fear. You can't hang around us if you got fear. Because we know what we doing, you know what I'm saying? And that's why we so tight. The sentiment was mutual. The final photo that Sakchaser posted to his Instagram page, five days before his death, is an image of Melly. The three friends attended school at St.

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Peter's Academy in Vero Beach and later moved to Miami, where they lived together until the time of the shooting. Spending most of their time with one another in recent years, Sakchaser and Melly made countless songs with each other, the majority of which remain unreleased.

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  • The confusion is understandable, considering just how blurry the line between reality and art is for Demons. Free my son. Pulling a bright green leather jacket over his shoulders, he turns toward a full-length mirror and proudly tells me the garment is just like something his hero Michael Jackson would have worn.

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    Pleased with his own reflection, he loses track of the surrounding commotion and gives himself a long look. Flashbulbs illuminate the room as he holds his stare. Without saying a word, Melly finally steps toward the exit and heads to the second stop of his tour in Washington, D. Making Culture Pop. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Melvin laughs the hardest. The year-old was fresh off of guiding the United States to victory in the Spanish-American War, and he had entered his second term of office as one of the most popular Chief Executives in decades.

    The affable commander in chief rarely missed an opportunity to meet his constituents, but this particular event had worried his staff members, some of whom feared that an assassin might take the opportunity to strike. Cortelyou, had even tried to cancel the reception on two separate occasions.

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    Both times, McKinley had insisted that it remain on the schedule. Credit: Public Domain. Despite the sweltering late-summer heat, a long line of people waited outside the Temple of Music when the reception began at 4 p. Near the front of the line stood year-old Leon Czolgosz, a shy and brooding former steel worker. An avowed anarchist, Czolgosz had arrived in Buffalo only a few days earlier and purchased a.

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    He now waited with the gun wrapped in a white handkerchief and concealed inside his jacket pocket. I made up my mind to kill that ruler. When McKinley smiled and extended his hand, Czolgosz raised his pistol—still wrapped in its white handkerchief—and fired two shots at point blank range.

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    • Then he retreated a step while a pallor began to steal over his features. The multitude seemed only partially aware that something serious had happened. A host of soldiers and detectives also pounced on the assassin and began beating him to a pulp. It took an order from McKinley before they finally stopped and dragged Czolgosz from the room. The only qualified doctor that could be found was a gynecologist, but the president was nevertheless rushed into the operating theater for emergency surgery.

      The other had struck his abdomen and passed clean through his stomach.