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Ask for their inputs on the cover design. Tease them with excerpts. You'll also want to keep building your audience through blog tours, interviews, and media exposure. Try signing up as a source on HARO. So I made a different kind of book trailer. Instead of trying to copy flashy strategies that are outside your reach, apply the simpler strategies you can execute well.

If you want to get as many sales and downloads as you can, you'll want to appear in Amazon's "Also Bought" recommendation. You can get into the engine by publishing your book on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. This lets you put the Kindle version of your book for free for five out of every 90 days. In that time, do everything you can to get the word out so that as many people as possible download your book.

When you reach a certain threshold, then your book will appear in "Also Bought.

11 Powerful Ways to Market Children’s Books

This will eventually bring in a stream of sales even when you're not actively promoting your book. Put a lot of effort into getting those reviews. Within the book itself and to your email list, ask readers to post a review. I found the easiest solution was to use Komodo Edit to convert the formatted manuscript into Kindle specific html. Komodo Edit is here. What I found was that without careful tweaking, my book looked good on one type of Kindle but not on others. Kindle Previewer allows you to quickly switch between Kindle versions and see how the book will look on each type.

Kindle Previewer is available here. The only option is Digital Rights Management. This is your choice. Choose Enable if you want to make it harder for people to copy your book, or Do Not Enable if you prefer to make your book available without restrictions. There are two options, design your own cover or use the template-based Cover Creator. I recommend designing your own cover. The book cover is critical to attracting readers and a template based design is less likely to stand out from the crowd. I go over the process of designing a cover in How to make a book cover.

And the million dollar question s : What about piracy? Ever checked the torrent sites?

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Software with DRM-cracking facilities? A substantial part of the music-industry went broke by the peer-to-peer networks. You can use torrents to your advantage. Thanks a lot, very helpful info. I just watched the interview with BitTorrent, quite interesting too. Imho, the most valid argument you gave to go for ebooks is that they are here to stay. Even so, as you worked with BitTorrent, do you have any idea how many copies of the 4HC were illegally downloaded?

Is this roughly measurable? I wrote years on it and am now gradually focusing on ways to put it into the market and promote it. Great post! What are your thoughts on publishing outside the Kindle store as well? I run Digital Delivery App, which is basically a modern e-junkie, and we have a load of e-book publishers who sell via their own websites. Love this. I plan to start writing soon. Also, I would be very interested in learning how you built your supplement business back in the day.

I have a few ideas about supplements but not sure how to start- legalities, manufacturing, etc. Amazon just recently started a more sophisticated cover creator. You can easily create a really nice cover in minutes. That sounds about right to me. But getting those checks from Amazon every month makes it all worth it.

Great article! I work with many authors and they would love this post. Jamie McGuire, Jessica Park and Lauren Clark are all excellent examples of authors that have been incredibly successful going the self-publishing route. Long pots but loved reading it till the end. I would like more of this type of post with steps we can straight use as a practical guidance.

Reading on the Go!! I would like to see more posts with this format commenting on different industries. Unrelated: Tim, you need a word by which your followers can self-reference. You have reached and I am in awe of this a cult-like fervor. I am left to wander the wilderness, with no quick-way to identify myself as an evangelist for the tribe. Great post. Tons of really useful information with links to much more. Thanks for all the info. Fabulous article! All of them made it so complicated that my book is still unpublished. Thank you!!! Until now one of the all-time favourite articles on your site was the one by Noah mentioned in this article.

The detail is incredible and amazingly helpful in so many ways. My personal interest is in the development of online training courses, but is is so easy to see how everything here translates across. I fully plan to exploit the cr p out of every suggestion and resource in here. I just wanted to add that Scrivener is awesome for outputting a Kindle mobi or an ePub formatted book which you can load straight to Amazon KDP.

You can test it on a device which makes it much easier to know what your customers are getting before you publish. This seems to remain unknown in germany. Wow, great post. Thanks for this. The only bad point is, now I have 10 more tabs open I have to read. Interesting to note also: 50 Shades of Grey was initially self-published. By the time it sold k copies she got her publishing deal so she was already doing very well.

I think the key in everything you wrote above is…quantity. All the people Konrath, Hocking, EL James, Hugh Howey who dominated the best seller lists in their categories did so by publshing multiple books one after the other. At one point, Howey was on the sci-fi list. I was at one Amazon event for self-published authors and there was one woman who was making a living from writing there who had published over novels. Take all the covers and then just line them up next to each other. And hang it on my wall so I can see so much love every morning when I wake up. Fabulous starter guide! I would add that kindle books can be powerful marketing for your other products on Amazon.

We have 8 video guides and 9 kindle books, all offering practical sex advice and proven pleasure techniques — and the kindle books are one of our best forms of publicity for the videos. Also would recommend adding a catalog of your products to the end of every book, with easily clickable links directing folks right back to the kindle store. That way, when they finish a book they have loved, you can make it easy for them to get more right away. I was curious if anyone has any experience with E-Junkie to publish their ebooks?

Tim this is legit.

Amazon Book Descriptions: How To Write Blurb That Sells | Jericho Writers

WordPress is pretty damn easy to use but it can become more complicated, I guess I just need to spend more time on it. I emailed Matt Mullenweg last year and he actually got back to me. Following you has help me learn about some pretty awesome people. AJ Jacobs is pretty legit also. Any ideas on how to split the two and sell thru amazon? Tim- Awesome post. One strategy I borrowed from you was launching the landing page before the book was complete.

Steve, congratulations. One question for you: how did you market it? Have you already build your audience before launching it? Amazon is great because it really help you market your books. Doing it in-house can remarkably increase profits but the toughest part is generating targeted traffic cheaply! Oh heck yes. This post is freaking fantastic start to finish. I always hear people saying that self-publishing will guarantee you make lots of mula. I need one but it totally scares me letting someone have my book. How do I find one? In fact I read about books at the same time a week.

I read one for an hour,Put it to the side and grab the next been doing It since 3rd grade. So others make sense of it cause I can go off on a tangent. Tim, a great blog post with lots of helpful advice for my own e-book challenge. Maybe see you in Amsterdam in a few weeks. You have a best-selling cookbook and no one is going to call you chef. You have best selling fitness book and no one is going to call you a personal trainer. You have a best selling book in lifestyle and no one is going to call you life coach.

Total synchronicity. I wrote an e-book and have not had the ovaries necessary to market it effectively. I was looking for direction and so checked to see if you had a new post. Of course. Thank you for inspiring me once again. Somehow you have an intuitive mind that knows what your readers truly need to hear. That totally strokes their ego pardon the pun.

Yes, if you have a blog that already has a solid following, this is a great place to cross sell a kindle book related to your blog topic. But putting in the time to start a blog and gain followers just to hopefully get people interested in you enough to buy the book is a huge opportunity cost I think. Lets say after 2 years of a lot of hard work, you have a blog that attracts a solid 25, visitors a month in whatever niche you are in. So even after all the hard work of creating a blog with a solid following, you would only be cross selling 50 books a month.

Unless you are already well established in a certain niche, your time is better spent focusing on perfect your amazon sales page, cover design, etc. Same thing goes for other social media like twitter and facebook.

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It might make you feel good or productive that you are creating a facebook page, setting up a twitter, blogging, but the reality is it is not doing anything to convert any real sales volume. I would say only once you are well established, then start utilizing blogs, facebook and twitter to sell more books. Tim the other Tim, lol I completely disagree. Look at Amanda Hocking…before anyone knew who she was and before she sold any books, she communicated with her potential readers via social media and her blog. But, there are many ways to approach the kindle store.

Meaning taking an internet marketing approach to the kindle store. Hiring ghostwriters to write high quality content for certain niches and marketing well. There are many ways to approach the kindle store. There are many test cases of people having 50 mini books in the kindle store in different niches with ghostwritten author names racking in 5, dollars a month. Or having 15 high quality full books taking in the same amount. The Amazon domain gets high traffic, but a new title in a competitive niche can get buried.

A blog provides more opportunites for search optimizations and direct response marketing. A book an Amazon supplemented by a blog and an email list has three traffic vectors, not just one. You just need a platform for an opt-in box to start building a list to drive prospects to Amazon whenever you have a new title. Andre, I totally disagree. Paul, I disagree with you. Especially if you are relatively unknown. There are lots of blogs out there. Andre is stating that a blog is one of 3 avenues to pursue.

  • New Kid.
  • 43 Ways to Find the Best Book Idea for a New Writer.
  • Short Story Writing.

And I believe he is saying that all 3 are critical. The other advantage of a blog is that you get to see how your audience reacts to your writing — both the topic, and the style. As you and your audience evolve, you can incorporate that into your writing. You can start to experiment with marketing and PR with a lower stakes effort so that bombed on that post, no big deal, compared to the fear of taking a step on a 2 year investment of time.

Blogging is playing low stakes poker before you go to the world championships. Thank you so much for the helpful tips. I recently wrote and published a German book in 24 hours: Alles. Everything, Simple. Your 24 Hours Success Book. I wanted to show people that they can make money and be successful if they only have a vision, an ideal, and the guts to pull it through to finality.

The only thing I regret is not having waited a little longer with the print run, as I still found a few typos. Really appreciate the insights!

Your Amazon Book Description Template

Your recommendations have never let me down. Highly entertaining. Teaching people how to fish as opposed to just feeding them one. It would be great if every year there was a forum of business leaders entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and political leaders coming together to think of new fresh ideas as to how to really positively impact areas of concern like poverty, education, etc.

The best and brightest minds are not being heard in the ways our great country needs them to be heard. Tim — You seem to always be admirably pushing the edge. I have a suggestion for you, maybe for next year — American Ninja Warrior. I think it would be amazing to hear how you prepare your mind and body for a competition like that. Fabulous post! This information is spot-on.

One question. Some people still prefer by far to read print. What about actually printing books, using the print-on-demand services?

How to Find a Profitable Product to Sell on Amazon (Top 50 Hottest Amazon Products in 2019!)

Your paper is brilliant! The sections on writing, formatting, etc, are no problem to me. I have just published a book on Kindle, via Amazon, about Shakespeare yawn ; showing that he actually wrote most of the stuff accredited to him shock! My troubles start with marketing. The story is rubbish; the writing variable; the editing apparently non-existent.

How do the publishers earn their money?

How to Self Publish on Kindle in Three Easy Steps

Leslie Rocker. I have two friends who write — ive shared this post with both of them. Thank you for the detailed insights. Extremely useful not only for book publishers but eters and entrepreneurs. This could not have come at a better time!! I just decided this last week after a friend fervently recommended 4HWW to me to write my own book.

In fact, I just wrote chapter 1 last night. This gave me some much needed insight into how to get started, and I greatly appreciate that. Have the message that you want to share to the world, get someone to research, test the niche, listen to the market etc. Then use creative methods to produce your content. This is actually a mind-blowing post!

Question for Tim: Have you ever considered publishing fiction? If so, what sort of fiction? Another question for Tim: Given the disparity between what I want to write and the photography I do, what are some effective methods for keeping a pseudonym an effective second person online? The best blog name depends where the momentum is. Your brand ROI is probably maximized by naming the blog after yourself unless you have a monster hit like 4HWW and can ride that wave to get your name out.

The trick seems to be maintaining those positions. I have the framework up, but I need to invest some royalty monies in hiring someone to make it presentable, and figure out how to make it cross promote the other books. Excellent info and homework to follow up with. Looking forward to reading all those books and applying them to my current work, thanks Tim. Very interesting, especially the caveat lector. As a very small independent book publisher sometimes it seems the odds of success for indie authors are only slightly better than winning the lottery, despite great content.

How many indie authors sell more than copies in five years? Terrific comprehensive article. Lots of great procedural steps and options. Thanks and keep it coming! One area not covered in this article: the opportunity to combine public domain content books whose copyright has expired with eBook publishing. I compiled a single Kindle collection containing 12 books by Lucy Maud Montgomery, including 8 books from the Anne of Green Gables series. I published that collection on Amazon on February 4 at a price of 99 cents.

Without the massive marketing and sales machine that is Amazon, this would have been impossible. Good to hear you have great success with Amazon and public domain. As far as I know, you need to make your content different when using public domain. How did you do that? Amazon does have a couple of rules related to publishing public domain content in their store.

The examples of differentiation Amazon cites include translations, annotations, original biographic content about the author, or illustrations. In my case, I selected 12 books by Lucy Maud Montgomery for my collection. Of the 12, 8 had free versions at Amazon although the quality varied considerably on these.

It also allowed me to create a great offer for potential buyers. I built a custom table of contents that allows you to easily jump to any book and chapter in the collection. Hopefully it will help others find success in this area. Are you on Facebook? Like to connect with you. She has great content about using public domain for publishing, business, blog etc. Aaron, I was encouraged to hear of your success in publishing public domain works.

Did you need any specialized software to create the table of contents that allows the reader to search across multiple titles? Awesome that your public domain books are doing so well, Brian! It is important to do a very thorough search on Amazon and Google before posting.